How do you get started as an Entrepreneur? - Rahul Sonwanshi
How do you get started as an Entrepreneur Rahul

A Lot of people go through their college life and enjoy a bit here and there and after that they struggle to get a job even if they get a great job with nice pay they might be stressed all the time. Now look at you. Ask yourself these questions. Do you love what you do?, Do you like the pay you get?, Do you like your House?, Do you like your Boss?. If your answer to all these questions is ‘YES’ then what are you doing here? If not, then you are trying to do 2 things, first you want to switch your job and the second case where you want to build your own business. If you come in the latter, then you have cleared one milestone as an entrepreneur i.e. Business is your priority.

Keeping your business as priority #1 is the first step towards the right direction. It doesn’t mean you have to leave your job to start your business, but it means that whatever time you have left after office hours you put that in building your own business. When I got started with building my business. I saw a lot of opportunity on the internet I got confused and I was like what to do? Then someone approached me online and said “Would you like to build your business? Replied “Yes, why not”. I was super excited and that is how I got into network marketing, MLM.

Now don’t get me wrong, I have not fallen into a trap it was a good experience but still I was searching online. After Trying this online course and that webinar on making money online niche. I was just as confused as 6 months ago. Really, I did not have a plan so all that time got wasted. From that mistake I learned about the shiny object syndrome. What do you think a shiny object is? A Gold Bar, Jewellery, A bag full of cash. Yeah, It is kind of like that, but It in terms of business it is like chasing a business where you might get higher returns just like a job where people run to other companies providing higher pay and like keep dangling from the branches of one tree to another. In business this is not viable as you do not get fixed pay like employees. You will have monthly operational costs like inventory (if any), website, employees (if any) etc. You will surely lose a lot of money if you keep dancing around so it would make sense to stick to one plan till the end.

Okay, So where is the money to get started? Now the answer to that question is in your spending habits. If you spend all your money or only save then you most definitely are not going to be rich. You need to invest money as keeping money the bank makes bank richer. Saving in the bank will give maximum 3–4% returns. Now ask yourself, are you going to be rich with that? Investing money will save you a lot of time as you can buy services which otherwise you will have to manage it yourself. Sure, you can cut costs here and there, but it would be better to have a budget. In my opinion, if you spend more you can offer better services to your customer which would mean more customers right? Initially just make up your mind that you will have some operational costs and be ready to embrace it.

SO first course of action is to do research on all the available options and then choose one viable option let’s say affiliate marketing. Then Focus on that particular business only. Now the hard part find a mentor who has already achieved what you desire to achieve. Now don’t think it’s impossible. Just try to contact them via their website or better if you can call them. You most definitely can find his/her contact info it’s not that hard. Alternatively, some verified mentors can give you access in exchange for money. That is a good opportunity, but make sure they are legit, read reviews and only then go with them. Now don’t take opinions from your friends or family in most cases, they don’t know a thing about business and naturally will be against it. Now obviously your mentor should be running the same kind of business as you e.g. Affiliate marketing. After that, your mentor is there to guide you and eventually your business will grow bigger and give you loads of returns. That’s how you get started as an entrepreneur. That’s how I got started as an entrepreneur.

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