Applications Open for Moderne Passport 2020
Applications Open for Moderne Passport

To the tech founders reading, applications are now open for the Moderne Passport 2020 Class…

The Moderne Passport Program is a industry immersion program which connects cutting-edge technology companies to multi-trillion dollar industries: real estate, finance, insurance, home services and hospitality – industries that make up over 20% of the US GDP and are ripe for innovation and growth.

Moderne Ventures operates the Moderne Passport program and provides its 700+ investors, partners and executives within its Moderne Network first look at technologies that are creating game changing applications into the industry.

The Moderne Passport is a seven month industry immersion program that provides:

  • Strategic go-to-market segmentation, planning and advice
  • Active mentorship from the 700+ Moderne Network executives (>1,000 one-on-one meetings were held through the Passport program last year)
  • Targeted Pilot programs with partners in the Moderne Network
  • Exposure at major industry trade shows and invite-only corporate events to showcase participants’ innovative solutions.

The Moderne Passport is reviewing applications now for its 2020 Class. The deadline is November 15th.


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