How Fear Stopped My Grasping – David Gross

David Gross
What happened to love in this place David Gross

I have had an amazing strike of Grasping. I am holding onto leaving this place. Just selling your home does not help you feel comforted when you are not included:

In the accounting for this year. I was taken down from real estate appraisal by Obama. I had work, and it was piss poor as far as pay goes.

Appraisal Management Companies Destroyed Appraisal for just our lives.

Maybe after we are dead, things will calm down just a bit. I knew if I did not sell my home at the same time there was data to prove my home was worth the money, then Nena came and is putting down a strong deposit and offering me a life after this place. Anyone who would have come through a Realtor would have cost me my last dollars. I did not want to list and in the end, I had just the one last day when Nena came. The next day, she would have had to pay for the Realtor Commission. Instead, I sold it with my sales ability and that Nena was sold by me and on my home and the property attached that has Jersey trees that sprung up from small bushes.

The will of God is stronger than we can be. We don’t know where we come from and for sure, we will not know where we are headed to in the end.

Play this game with me and leave us sit and see: does it work? Can we save this Project in Science? Is Democracy possible in Trumpien times?

If I hope so, you know it will doom us all. I will leave it with:

Find another human to be President. Give it a shot.

Rick from Columbus just called Dave. Rick is about 7 feet tall and is the biggest framed thin man and here am I a little person compared to Rick. I used to be 5 foot 6 inches. I somehow lost 2 of those 6 inches as I now am only 5′ 4 inches.

If Rick and I were to stand back to back, I may wind up with my head in his crotch. Not for sexual purposes as he is married to Dawn and she has the most lovely tatoo on her arm. Memorable and Rick’s friend Rick who was there with him at Columbus, NJ and they live in Tabernacle which is near there.

Rick wants to see me this weekend. I told him the truth, that He has been a part of my actual life take down. He was one of the few vapers that were there and I would have remembered him just for his salesmanship of offering to take over while I was getting someone their change.

He is a really great man and I know it from meeting so many. Same with Souza. Rick and Souza are both great guys who came at a Gross Take Down and …. it finally looks like I may be able to win. If Rick wants to be my friend, it is the strangest time in my life.

First: unknown to Rick and any other human but Eric who saw how I lived for 19 years in Philadelphia and in the end, it was too much for him to deal with me.

I make the stand: if what I am is too honest for you, I need to respect that. At the same time, if you ask what lie could get you evicted from my life:

Only a lie. Especially if I am in this lie. Each and every word you use, I will try on for size and see how it feels.

If it feels good, I will say so. I do not flatter, I admire things about people and I will tell them.

The fact that there are still people that care about me is touching. I must allow them their space as honesty is powerful as a life drink. It makes you stronger and more able to face your daily issues such as grasping as an example.

I am not grasping now. I am in the flow. Within a period of time, I will become unaware that I am listening to your lies and taking time to put energy into them.

How about Lloyd from Jamaica being there and finding me at Facebook as I called him to let him know about my take down plans in life.

All I need to do is wrap up my entire 58 years of life here on the East Coast, USA and from here to:

Where is Gross to go? I just still don’t know.

I will be powerfully thinking of where Gross could go.

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