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That’s one word that fits most of our financial situation. Living life from paycheck to paycheck really sucks, I get it. We get money and then someone just walks by and snactches it away. Payments, payments and more payments. Yes, that’s what most of us refer to when we say we’re “living the dream”.

I went through the same and thought that I should spend the rest of my life renting a one bedroom apartment, driving a beat-up car and living a simple life. But somehow, there was something that came up everytime I tried to save and I still ended up spending most of my paychecks.

Expenses Are Inevitable

Saving is hardly an option when your salary is just enough to pay your bills.

For anyone who is working a normal job, wages are just enough to pay our bills. If we’re going to keep blaming our expenses, it’s never going to stop. Earning money and paying bills is the living continuum. The only way go get out of this is to invest in something.

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You buy a coffee, you pay a bill. You get groceries, oh — there’s a big one! You fill in gas, there goes a big chunk out of your credit card. There’s the monthly insurance premium, the utility bills, and oh man, the stupid car just broke down on your way back home from work! Bills, everywhere!

But how can you invest when you can barely save? This might seem like a question there is no answer to. It might involve taking some risks, sometimes even pushing your bank balance to a negative, but in the end, it will be worth it.

Spend Wisely

Since expenses cannot be avoided, why not convert them into investments? Technically, that’s what big businesses do as well. If a business buys a huge CNC machine and just lets it sit in a building, it is an expense. But if the machine runs and produces profitable parts, it’s no more an expense, but an investment.

Apply the same principle to your life. When I say ‘spending’, it is not just the aspect of money, but also time. When you work hard for your money, you deserve to spend it. But instead of spending it on coffee and lottery tickets and rent, it’s okay to invest in something.

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Invest in a better car — it could take you places. Invest in a house; it will bring you equity. Invest in small things like books. Invest your time in creating something; it will add meaning to your life. Invest time and money in traveling; it will give you a priceless experience.

Value Yourself

The reason most of us do not want to invest in something for ourselves is because we do not value ourselves. You may be a person earning a small income doing a simple job. But that is not what values you.

The world’s richest man today wasn’t worth that much once upon a time. But he valued himself more and began investing in himself. That’s what you have to do too!

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Don’t let anyone else decide your worth. Never settle for what you think you are worth. Keep building it from the bottom up. This should be enough to get you going.

Don’t Expect Immediate Return

Do you know how many businesses have millions of dollars invested in them are still not profitable? These businesses are operating at a loss and in the corporate world, it’s very common. We only look at turnovers, and not profits.

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If we apply this to our personal lives, we will understand the importance of investments, even when we do not get initial profit. It takes time, but always remember that it is better to invest rather than just spend.

You can invest and still be broke, but at the end of the day, it’s worth it!

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