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I’m Zulfiqar khan from United Arab Emirates, Dubai. A year back from now, I thought to invest in real estate in Pakistan as real estate business is quite profitable; you just purchase a plot and let it be like that for a couple of years and sale it at a huge profit.

So, I opened the Google and typed Real Estate Pakistan and there were so many companies. I talked to many agents of these companies and realized that every single person is over exaggerating everything which provoked doubts in me so, I spend more than a month on internet for this and came to knew about these following companies having credibility and overseas’ trust.

I thought I should share it with the world so if anyone else faces the same problem gets the solution quickly.


Zameen.com is Pakistan’s number one property website and its been number one for a long time and still it is. Zameen.com was founded in 2006 by two Pakistani entrepreneur brothers, Zeeshan and Imran Ali Khan. In 2012, Gilles Blanchard, co-founder SeLoger.com (a French property portal), took up the role of Chairman at


· In June 2016, Property Portal Watch (PPW), a global authority on real estate websites, named Zameen.com among top 5 property portals in the world at the PPW Conference held in Bangkok from May 31 to June 3.


I found this cpeccity.com.pk website very helpful and relevant. Everything is well categorized and managed. I talked to the agent of this company and he provided me all the required information. Professionalism and especially mannerism were there and he was not giving me any over expectations; he was totally relevant and he sent me many pictures of the plots and guided me well. That’s why, I placed Cpec City on second place.


Rightdeed.com is also one of the best property portal websites in Pakistan. Their agents represent good mannerism and professionalism. “Why I’m placing Rightdeed at the third place” that’s the question!

Well, Rightdeed has comparatively a smaller number of optional properties as other above.

Rightdeed is an online real estate marketplace with operations in 34 countries.

Chohan Estate

Hope this will be helpful for all those who want to invest in real estate in Pakistan especially overseas. Thank you !!!

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