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Wonder Woman Wednesday — Suzanne Demetrio Leyah Valgardson

This week’s Wonder Woman is Suzanne Demetrio, Loan Originator with Cardinal Financial.

As a single mom wanting to provide well for her four children, Suzanne entered the real estate industry. She started as a receptionist for a total of one month before she became a real estate agent. Always a life-long learner, Suzanne wanted to understand the process of a real estate transaction from start to finish. This led her to the mortgage industry, where she was a loan processor for nine years. That position helped her to learn all the details of a loan and what it takes for a client to obtain one — knowledge that helped further her career.

Suzanne went to work for Wells Fargo — one of the largest lending institutions where she gained the experience necessary to become a loan officer — her ultimate goal. Driven to learn all aspects of the business, along with her natural sense of planning, helped Suzanne obtain that goal in 2010 when she got her mortgage license.

Her reputation in the industry grew. Suzanne was in high demand when approached by Robert DeFalco — her former employer — to start their mortgage company — Cardinal Financial. It was a blazing career move for Suzanne, but she knew it would give her vast exposure and establish a large client base, so she leaped! And it was worth it. She loves that she is helping others in a life-defining moment in purchasing a home — whether their first or fifth. Suzanne is satisfied knowing she can bring happiness to others.

She says of career and leadership,

“I always believed that if what you do for a living makes a positive impact on someone’s life, it’s not really a job. I believe that giving back to others in many different ways, whether it be through what you do for a living, through charitable work, or just allowing yourself to be available to others when they need you, is most important.”

Not many can say they get to do just that every day, Suzanne. You’re an example of the ideal!

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