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The role of RSV coins on the RSV platform

Dear RSV supporters, hello.

We would like to talk to you a rough overview of how RSV coins handled today on the RSV Solution (platform) we are developing now.

The role of RSV coins on the RSV Solution

RSV coin holders can participate in real estate management by applying RSV coins to the real estate they want to participate by using the RSV Solution.

Participants can use the RSV coins to return the income gains and capital gains of the real estate they have allocated.

The minimum requirement for participation is 100 RSV. Additional allocation will be possible every 100 RSV.

All profits gained from real estate management will be returned to those who satisfy the conditions.

RSV coins required for redemption will be prepared by the RSV team through the exchange.

The profit return rate varies depending on the number of RSV coins allocated and the period of allocation.

This is a very important point so that those who face real estate investment in the real market can receive more profits.

As a flow of real estate investment will be the following.

  1. Purchase a property with a large amount of funds
  2. Obtain income gain by operating the purchased property
  3. Sell the purchased property to gain capital gains

When using the RSV Solution, the number of coins will be allocated for item 1 above, the allocation period corresponds to the operation period, and the operation period is an important item in obtaining income gain, so it greatly corresponds to item 2 above.

For item 3, since the purchase and operation period are combined, the number of coins allocated and the operation period will be applicable.

In addition, there is a certain cost in actual real estate management.

In other words, it takes a certain period of time before profits are generated.

Therefore, based on the actual risk of real estate investment, if the application is stopped halfway during the period from the date of application to the date of return of profit, return of profit will not be received.

As described above, RSV is designed appropriately so that profits can be returned fairly to each participant by comparing the number of appropriated coins and the appropriated period with actual real estate investment.

Next time, we will explain in detail about the return of profits followed by general concept this time.

RSV Customer Support Team.

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