Jim Esposito
We should travel Jim Esposito

Photo by Simon Migaj on Unsplash

We should travel to Neverland, to the Netherlands, across the borders of Canada and through the woods of Oregon, beyond the Rocky Mountains and the beaches of California.

We should travel even if you’re unsure of the destination, of another change; even if your parents doubt me (and so do my parents), if they mistrust me and Google search for my any records. If I’m terrified of them, of your sister, of you. Of myself.

We should travel to a magnificent island, to the Caribbeans, the Maldives, just as you’ve long wished for.

We should sunbathe and just do nothing — eat and not gain weight, drink and not get blamed.

We should pause time, focus on us, ourselves, each other. See that shimmer of hope in your eyes, your glowing smile, your silly expressions, the way you whisper you love me. The way you hold my hand tight and never let go. The way you assure me you’re by my side and that so it’ll always be ever after. That we’ll finally get our happy ending. That my love is all you want, and that you are all my love.

That you will always fall asleep on my sofa and that I’ll be laughing just by looking at your peaceful sleeping face; that I’ll surely be sipping whiskey, surely the type you hate the most. That we’ll talk about the future and how undefined we want it to be.

Because the moment you saw me is the only thing you genuinely want to treasure, and that my treasure is the moment only you saw me.

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