Alex Macfarlane
The Paradox of Manifestation Alex Macfarlane

When you deeply understand that you already have what you need — that you have no lack — you will attract everything to you. And when you do, it won’t matter.

American culture (and many others) makes it difficult to understand this. The messages we receive everyday from our external environments — media, our jobs, even our friends — can repeatedly pull us into the mindset of lack. The deep seeded idea that you will never have enough and need to always be getting more, will continue to stay with you unless you break the pattern with awareness. I have clients who make millions of dollars a year and they express the same feelings of lack that people I know who make $20,000 a year. It’s crazy.

One way I’ve found to forget the unhealthy lessons I’ve been taught and to bring my mind back to a place of abundance is acknowledging all of the beauty that I have in my life. I like to touch something I own (I am doing this right now with my computer) and then think about how this has gotten in my hand, and how much freedom this has given me in my life. Once I feel this deep gratitude form inside me — you have to FEEL it you can’t just think it — two things are accomplished at once. First, I’m feeling happier and more appreciative of the path I am on, which keeps me motivated, and two, I’m now changing my emotional state into a place of positivity — which leads to attraction.

When I’m in this place, others feel my joyful energy, they see it in my face and in my eyes, and they naturally open up to me. In this place of being, I’ve found many people giving things to me without ever asking, and the things that I had been trying to get while in a frustrated / lacking head space start unexpectedly falling into my lap. The most successful times I have had in my life were when I let go of the need to have my desires fulfilled.

Start doing this. It really doesn’t take much work. Just patience. You’ll be surprised at what happens to everything around you when you attract rather than chase, and it becomes a fun game to play. Remember though: if you start this while feeling lack and an urge to fulfill a need outside of what you already have, it won’t work. A mindfuck eh?

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