Delivering for Postmates: An Honest First Impression
Delivering for Postmates An Honest First Impression

I wince as I remind myself, for the twelfth time today, my two severely overdrawn banking accounts. I guess I overspent a little last weekend, resulting in piles of overages and overdraft fees. So, what did I splurge on?

Concert tickets? A snazzy new outfit? An expensive dinner?

Long sigh. No. I threw as many dollars as I could at none other than bills. I had so many bills to pay that I easily lost track of how much was too much.

Sheesh, forgive me Mr. Bank for wanting to pay YOU my credit card bill. And on time this month.

As this coming Friday creeps into my mind, I know that my overages are going to be of no help to me as I attempt to continue tackling all of my bills. I’ve already committed to hooking my arm up- despite my hatred of needles- to donate plasma twice per week.

But even bleeding for money isn’t going to cut it.

So, I finally decided to take the plunge on a part- time gig. Something easy, something self- scheduled. I already work full time during the week, so a little hustle in the evenings would be perfect for finally crushing these looming debts.

I actually first heard of Postmates while lounging on the couch watching “They Ready” on Netflix. Great show, by the way. Highly recommend. One of the comedians in the series described their daytime job while living in the Big City™ as delivering multiple orders of Postmates deliveries while on foot. A light bulb flickered on in my head, as I continued to munch on my preferred couch-bound snack of pretzels.

If they could make a full time living on Postmates, I’ve got to be able to try it part time, right? I proceeded to dig for lengthy and thorough research. I’m the type of person to scour pages of reviews before buying things like a new brand of tissues, so I was combing through the Google results in search of honest reviews of delivering for Postmates. I even turned to Reddit.

The folks that wrote about delivering for Postmates generally had nothing but positivity to say. The only negative feedback I saw was customers not tipping frequently, but I figured that may be a subjective quality of the job. I also saw consistent estimates of earning $15–20 an hour. Perfect! I held my chin high as I accepted my first few delivery jobs, drove silently with pride to each stop.

I’m going to get out of this financial mess. I’m going to save up for a trip to Japan.

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