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It’s Expensive to Be Fat An Injustice

Not because I like to eat

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I’ve been fat all my life. I’ve done every kind of diet a person could think of to lose weight and tried almost every exercise regimen. I’ve done everything to the point that I will probably have body issues for the rest of my life because of being conditioned to believe fat is bad.

However, I’ve started thinking about the cost of being fat. Not just from these different diets and gym memberships and equipment to motivate you. Life as an overweight person, in general, is more expensive than what people realize.

Food is not the reason

I know there will be that troll or six that’ll say something along the lines of, “Well, maybe if fat people didn’t eat so much, they wouldn’t be spending all their money!”

Actually, the food isn’t our most expensive purchase. It’s the cheapest. When you’re trying to stretch a dollar as far as possible, you’re going to go for the most affordable foods. They’re not going to be the healthiest, but you and your family will be fed.

Shopping for healthier food, however, is more expensive than buying the “cheap junk.” As I’ve said in a previous article, I’m lactose intolerant. That is a big factor in my weight gain. But alternatives to milk are more expensive than milk.

Let’s talk about clothes

I spend more money on clothes than I do anything else. When you’re fat, it means more fabric needed to cover your body. It means you’re paying more for clothes.

I’ll show you this link for reference:

SC from author: note the range of prices depending on dress size

The price range on this dress is anywhere from 20–85 dollars. Why? Because the bigger you are, the more fabric needed to make the proper size. That is a big jump in price.

I’ve seen websites where a pair of pants will double in price when you ask for plus sizes. (Looking at you, Old Navy.).

Not convinced? Do this experiment for yourself.

Now let’s talk health care

Health care in America is expensive. You don’t have to be fat to risk bankruptcy from a hospital stay. But with the cost of health care rising up, it’s more expensive when you have a larger body.

I’ve been fortunate in the fact that I haven’t had any health problems from my weight. That doesn’t stop doctors from trying to do unnecessary tests on me to try to prove that my weight is causing me problems.

When I was living in China, I hated going to foreign doctors when I was sick. I could tell them I have a cold, and they would roll their eyes and say, “Lose weight, and you won’t have these problems.” It was a cold. Everyone gets a cold at least once in their life.

I’m not going to talk too much about this topic because it’s been talked about to death. But all of these tests cost money. A person could go broke if the doctor keeps testing you in hopes of catching something cause of their fat-bias.

And don’t forget, traveling!

I’m on the smaller side of the plus-size spectrum. I can fit into a seat on a plane, but that’s it.

If airlines started charging for seatbelt extenders for larger passengers, flying would be expensive for a fat person. There are airlines requiring people to buy extra seats on planes. Some will kick you off if they deem you too thick to fly.

Traveling is expensive already when you live in the U.S.A. Add all these other factors to it, and it makes it more challenging to travel.

I’m not letting it bring me down

Instead of making it bring me down, I’m using it as a motivator to get healthier than I already am. I’ve never had a health issue because of my weight, and by exercising more, I’m making sure I keep it that way.

For me, I’m more motivated by the fact I’ll save money than I am about being healthier and feeling better. I’m already pretty fit, for a large woman. Saving money is another perk I didn’t expect when starting this weight loss program, and I’m going to keep at it.

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