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of Your Seconds Could Change a Life The

Medium is a beautiful place. If you want to find an article on anything, you can. In-depth political analysis, the stories of strong women being fierce, technical wonders weaving writing with coding like fine art. Sex, satire, poetry, short stories.

It’s here — Ready for the reading. Endless hours of everything are waiting for you. And if you’ve got an itch to scratch and have your own writing to add, there’s room for your voice here too.

How you spend your time reading is up to you. Since you’re here now, let me say, I hope you’ll read everything I ever write. Slowly.

But let’s be realistic. You’re not going to, not every time. And that’s okay!

Maybe my topic wasn’t doing it for you: I write in a few niches. Not all of them may be your cup of tea. Maybe my edit game was off that day. That’s distracting, sure. Perhaps it was just a weak piece. Whatever it was, you didn’t want to finish.

I get it. I’m not exactly an ideal reader. I click in, get bored, distracted, or find I’m not as interested as I thought I would be. I click away and take my pennies with me. Part of me feels bad. I want to reward the writer for the effort. Then again, I want to pay the writers that touched me even more.

If my piece isn’t hitting you in the feels, click away. I don’t take it personally. (I can’t, or I’ll go nuts.) I’ll take the silver-lining view of that lost reading time. You didn’t abandon my article. Your departure gave me that feedback. You are helping me grow.

But if you gave me your 4, 7, or 10 minutes and read to the bottom, I can’t tell you how much you mean to me. You are paying my mortgage even if only a penny or two at a time. You are helping me raise my children. You made an impact with pocket change.

But I’ve got one more thing to ask. After all that time you already gave me and my words, I have to ask for twelve more seconds.

Twelve more seconds of your time could change my life. If not mine, the next writer you read. You see, twelve seconds is precisely how long it takes to hold the clap button down to 50 claps.

Claps are not dead. No, it’s not how you help me pay my mortgage, but it does help me spread those words just a little further. Those twelve seconds of claps are worth almost as much as the pay. Claps help me, and other Medium writers engage with more readers, find more opportunities. Those 50 claps are one baby step closer to the realization of a lifelong dream.

You’ve already read my words. Even if I didn’t get paid for that time you gifted me; I’d be honored. After all, that’s why we write, right? To be read, heard, seen, understood. The money is a bonus. Or maybe a necessary evil. Probably both.

If you read someone’s article all the way through, you’ve already shown that author so much love. If you can spare twelve more seconds for 50 claps, you could change their lives.

Thank you for reading. Thank you for caring. Thank you for your twelve extra seconds.

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