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Insights from my Months Daily Uber Trips Atif

The insights of the trip are from Feb 21 to July 13 2019 during my regular Uber rides to my office. Commute in Bangalore is always challenging and there are numerous startups trying to solve the space from uber to ola in cab and Rapido, Bounce, Vogo and various other at Bike sharing, bike renting startups. Before i deep dive into the insights you much be thinking why uber everyday? when there is ola and other commute ways. I was actually totally addicted with the uber ecosystem of design The UI, UX the international premium app feel and almost less App errors comparing OLA. I have used OLA for while in Bangalore before February 2019 but it always seems impossible to compare both because even though uber is an international brand the drivers, the co passengers and everything is better at uber in my point of view.

I was a regular fan of Uber Pool in Bangalore. This article is my experimentation on my personal life that how i can make predictive data based decision to be more productive a day. An experimentation of my eagerness to the data analytics world from a layman point of view.

One fine boring day i decided to request data from UBER about my trips, food deliveries and everything to experiment some insights on my personal life commute. I started to explore the RAW data and find solutions to my normal questions of my commute.

The insight of my 6 month Journey

Total Days — 143

Total number of Trips traveled — 123

Most used trip mode — Pool (83.7%)

This chart gives you an idea of the surge pricing model of uber, As i am travelling to office daily i usually end up in the surge timing, I was totally crazy to know that i was paying almost double of what they charge normal that to for the normal daily commute.

Cost Per Mile chart based on 123 trips ( 14 Rs to 52 Rs Per Mile)

I never knew i was wasting more than 30 Mins per day just waiting a cab. This really made me to a decision to use my own ways to travel rather than spending too much on cab and at the end of the day you really dont get the convinced you really wanted too.

Average waiting time — 29 Minutes 39 Seconds

Average ride time — 32 Minutes

Total ride cost — 22,132 Rs

Average Ride cost — 179

The timestamp really helped me to stay away from the Peak riding hours to reduce the surge pricing, But i decided to move on and start using my bike further to travel to save time, cost and make the day better.

If you would like to see more about the data and access to the sheets worked out, Please do email me at

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