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Let Your Earnings Motivate You Mikkel Danielsen

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When I started writing on Medium, I was surprised, that you didn’t have more detailed stats.

Coming from someone who uses Google Analytics quite a bit. I found this very strange.

That fact is still what I like about having your own website over Medium. You can get so much data. On the other hand, Medium is a great blogging media to get started on.

Nonetheless, Medium launched a new Metric together with the new payment calculation based on the reading time. The metric is — Average read time.

I can’t wait to start analyzing the average read time. This leads me into…

Average read time will give us a brilliant way to see if we can improve on how long the reader keeps reading.

I noticed on one of my stories, that the average read time was equivalent to the introduction or just there about. You can never be quite sure when we read at a different pace.

If they don’t read past the introduction, well I haven’t done a good enough job. I need to write a more catchy introduction.

We would have to write an even more interesting first section that encourages the reader to read the meat of the story — the content in the middle. You could leave a cliffhanger or lead the first section into the next.

With that information, we can improve — or at least try to until we find something that works.

However much we can get from the data we also need to take it with a grain of salt.

We can’t expect our readers to read every sentence, they might just scan the story for the key points. Nevertheless, often the introduction is read and then we start scanning the page for the key points.

Also, every story is different and might not be to everyone’s taste — that could just be the problem. You can’t hit a home run every time.

On a side note — Medium has just been reset.

That is how I look at it. Now that we a new payment calculation system based on reader time, I would say we are all on an even playing field. Yes, some writers have many more readers coming back to their content, but none of us really knows how it will affect us.

It may turn out to be good for the writers with a large following and suck for the new writers? It will be interesting to see how content changes and what happens to our earnings.

Time will tell.

Therefore I will end with this;

Go write some quality content for your readers. For instance, simply start with writing one story a week.

Remember to promote your content. For instance, you could try these:

I like to push myself. But to do it, I need to have a clear goal. Therefore each month I pile up some story ideas and set an earnings goal. For me, at the moment the goal is to hit $100. Having a partial goal can also be helpful.

Another tip is to schedule when you want to publish stories and then set time aside to write.

Ready, SET, GO!

P.S. In computer development we use something called Personas for making a user interface, that the users actually will like using and be easy to use. It also shows what kind of people will use the system.
Nerds? A receptionist or someone with no tech background? I have made Personas about my audience — I’ll make a story about this soon — to get notified about this you can signup for my newsletter here.

P.P.S. It is possible to see your earnings “live”. They’re only an estimate. However, looking at this every day or multiple times a day, can really mess you up. If you’re not doing as well as you hoped, this can demotivate you. It can make you stop writing. Please do yourself a favor and look at it once or may twice a week. Not more.

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