Staging Trends for the Upcoming Real Estate Market

Staging Trends for the Upcoming 2020 Real Estate Market

Whether you are a homeowner selling your property this winter or holding out until the spring, you need to stay on top of the latest staging trends. There are a number of reasons why this is important. One, it will make your house look modern. Two, it will help it stand out from your competition, regardless of how much their property is in value over yours.

However, the thing about trends is they change from year to year. Any homeowner planning on selling their home during the upcoming 2020 real estate market should stay on top of these newest trends.

Each year, there is always a new colour trending. This colour can be used in anything from appliances to furniture. For 2020, the latest trending colour is Night-watch green. This shade of green is similar to jade but with more depth and character. Try accessorizing the living room or foyer with tasteful Night-watch green accessories to catch the eye of potential buyers.

Homeowners that love the colour green can do more than add Night-watch green accessories to their homes. They can also give their home a natural aesthetic by allowing the area to be brightened up with natural sunlight. Homeowners can also tastefully place plants in areas that will attract positive attention. Buyers will envision themselves growing their own herbs and spices for their meals.

Those looking for warmer tones in their home may want to integrate some Southwestern-themed accessories into their homes. Southwestern-themed items come in clay-like colours, unique textures, and eye-catching patterns. However, even though Southwestern-themed items are on trend, homeowners need to know when enough is enough.

Although it may seem counterintuitive, one of the latest trends for 2020 is to give a home an enthusiastic aesthetic. Place old, unique accessories in important rooms to make a house stand out from its competitors. Furthermore, homeowners need to load up on accessories because this trend utilizes “maximalism.”

Another notable trend for 2020 is raconteur. This staging trend uses accessories that tell a story from the past, usually of a certain country or culture. Raconteur requires homeowners to use darker colours throughout the home such as mauve or black.

Similar to every year that came before it, 2020 is filled with new staging trends. Anyone planning on selling there this winter leading into 2020 needs to stay on top of these trends. This will give them confidence and help them make their house look amazing.

Be sure to use these modern trends when staging your home. For more tips and tricks on how to stage your home, contact one of our real estate agents about selling your property.

Published Nov 9th 2019

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