John Soforic
Ambition requires accepting current reality John Soforic

Accepting our current reality is the first step to improving it.

Reality #1: Nothing worthwhile is easy.

How do we balance ambition for “what we want” with acceptance of “what we have?” It’s not easy, but without acceptance, our ambition can ruin us. We suffer too much over “what is not” in our lives, and this longing can distract us from the duties of “what is” in our lives.

We need to accept our current reality, to do our best where we are, with one eye on where we want to be. We must figure out the balance of accepting our problems without submitting to them.

“Accept — then act,” advised Eckhart Tolle. “Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it.”

Of course, this advice is easier said than done.

In modern times we may need to accept that our dream job is miles away, and that we must succeed in our current job to win it.

We may need to accept that we can’t save money working a forty-hour job; that we can’t have both financial freedom and live in the house of our dreams; that weekends aren’t always for leisure if we want upward mobility; that the highest paying jobs are stressful and require solving big problems; and that prosperity requires daily sacrifices, inconveniences, and unglamorous work over many years.

“Suffering is basically the mind’s refusal to accept reality as it is,” said Marcus Thomas. And the foremost reality in this life is that nothing worthwhile comes easily. Do your best today, where you are, fully accepting your situation, without losing sight of where you want to be.


John Soforic is the best selling author of The Wealthy Gardener: Life Lessons on Prosperity between Father and Son

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