Blast From The Past Catches Up With The Times

This week’s Transformation Tuesday comes from St. Louis, Missouri! Peering into this house was like looking at an old photograph: faded colors, outdated curtains, and shattered tiles disfigured the underlying potential of this soon-to-be home. But time is no challenge for our expert team of multiple contractors, who flipped this past-ridden pad into one polished homestead.

A lot of work went into modernizing this home. On the outside, we repaired the cracks in the foundation and mortar surrounding the house. Fresh paint jobs and new light fixtures added the finishing touches both yards needed. Inside, we removed the shag carpet and laid down glossy hardwood floors. We got rid of the queasy green walls and pink ceramic bathrooms and turned each room into something totally renewed. 

At Memphis Invest, we’ve always been committed to choosing markets that offer job market growth and diversity, population growth, and show steady, upward trends. That’s why St. Louis is one of the latest cities on our radar. Otherwise known as “the Gateway to the West,” this metropolis is a growing hub with big corporations and opportunities for investors.

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About this Transformation:

The owner of this Turnkey Transformation is located in California; this is one of their six properties that they have invested in and managed by us. Here is additional info about the home:

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