“Dream big or have none at all.” - Jacob Ruhl
“Dream big or have none at all ” Jacob Ruhl

The Greatest Motivation In Life’s Toughest Moments

Most people’s lives are full of uncertainty and insecurities, problems come around and push us. We get pinned down. It’s a continuous wrestling match of a lifetime. The light’s flick off. At times, we give up and let the other player win and that is not your fault as long as you grow from it then recognize next time don’t let your team down. Most of the time you find out the less educated actually get the upper hand. They start to think they are the real winners when they started after you. Be more broad, be way more proud. Be open to understanding that the battle of a lifetime isn’t over yet. It’s good to never let your guard down, once you do, your in a solo battle with nothing but a knife in a gunned down zone. Your expectations of how well you’ll play the board game determinate everything else. Excellence is fake, it will never play out how you thought it would, your not proper, your a human being with a reality that will surely let you down when you least expect it to. Drive and don’t forget to steer, you’ll go in the wrong direction if you over-estimated your capabilities. Stop or life will hit you hard in the chest, focus, pray, love yourself and others. Listen to your inner voice, it will shout when you cry and when you don’t have the correct attitude to keep you going. You are good enough. It’s built from blood vessel to the mind and the power of lifting a weight off your chest, sweat, it’s critical that you do it a lot or your in the wrong place in your life. Tears, let them drop or else you will at some point in your life from sucking it up, it’s okay to not have everything figured out now, most people never figure it out so it’s good you’re working on it.

keep your mind working or it will shut down, your mind is powerful and craves information, you will do way more in life when you challenge your mind. Take it to new heights that it’s never seen before. Relax when you need to or you will become overwhelmed and unstable. Surround yourself with people like you who have the same dream, it will change your entire life.

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