THE WALL… (Not the one on the southern border)

Well to be honest there have been many challenges in growing my business.

In my real estate career, I was lucky to figure out how to make two commissions with one transaction… My wife and I were getting paid on both the real estate side of the transaction, as well ad the mortgage side of the transaction.

My wife would go and show the homes, and I would do the negotiations and the mortgages for those homes. Plus we had a few refinances thrown in there as well

The first Wall came with the crash of 2007. We had been cruising along doing very well making about $250,000 a year when all of a sudden the banks literally closed down, some of them even locking their employees out of the bank.

That first bank closure ( I even remember the name of the company) Was the beginning of the end for many people. I remember the sinking feeling in my gut, knowing that my entire business was literally over.

And it only got worse for the first several months.

Our business was deeply dependent on the availability of “easy money”… we used subprime lending, and “no doc” loans for many of our clients.

Me in my haste to earn more, never really gave much thought to the fact that my clients could pay back their loans or not… Many times our clients just refinanced if they got into financial trouble.

Of course this was unsustainable… But at the time, Ididn’t choose to look at it.

If you were to ask me why that crash happened, it we because the rules were changed in the middle of the game, and someone realized that these loans were now non-performing..

But it wasn’t a slow fix… Instantly banks shut down, and Money dried up. As the availability of funds dried up less banks were lending now, and the ones that were, made it much much harder to qualify for a loan, so ALL of our previous clients wouldn’t be able to get a loan loan or borrow money.

Times that by EVERYONE in the country, and you had the makings for a pretty nasty recession.

For most of us, we had no plan, no alternative, nowhere to turn if the real estate industry tanks.

It had become obvious to me that this wasn’t going to work any more… But the problem was that I had nothing saved, I had three properties that we were over extended, and now we had virtually no income.

I can’t really describe the feeling of despair that I had when I realized that I was going to lose everything..

And that’s exactly what happened.

Like a country song, I lost my properties, my car, my wife, and most painfully my horses!

In hindsight I should have seen the warning signs but I chose NOT to see them

That was the first wall for me… And it hit me hard and fast. There was virtually nothing else that I could do that could produce the type of income that we needed to sustain our lifestyle.

I had lost everything… Including my self esteem… You can imagine the depression and despair that I had felt… My business was over… My wife left me, My home was gone… and my horses were gone as well.

It didn’t get better… It got worse…I was fortunate that I was able to get a job delivering pizza. That was great because I could eat some pizza and make tips everyday… It’s basically what I Lived on for a long time.

The 2nd wall.

Many years later, after I had reinvented my business, added multiple streams of income, included the concept of “funnel” selling and automation…. I hit another wall.

This wall had more to do with me and my attitudes than it did with any exterior factor (as the economy had crashed in 2007 for us.

This was more of an internal struggle, and frankly it was one that I still struggle with today.


I had figured out a few lessons. One of those lessons was that I was going to need to build a network if I wanted to be successful. I needed to build a network of like minded people that wanted to create wealth in real estate. People that wanted to go beyond just the norm of “chasing deals” and really wanted to play the game differently. This was the beginning of the REPRO HACKERS NETWORK.

I would teach these people my systems, my automations, and my multiple streams of income philosophies, and teach them to build their own networks and create wealth in real estate over the long term.

The wall that I had hit was this…. I couldn’t get any of those people to take action. Maybe I could sell them a thing or two, but I could never really get them to take the massive action that they truly needed to take to partner up, get on board and start to actually duplicate and create wealth in real estate and real estate investing.

And to make matters even worse… I would get mad at them. I would get frustrated at them.

I hope that you have never gotten mad at your potential customers… It’s just about the stupidest thing that you can do.

But that was me.. Mad at the customers that had joined, but never did anything.

As I mentioned I still struggle with this today… But I’m remembering an old Social Security Statistics that I had learned when someone was pitching me a MLM.

I am not quoting the social security actual statistics, just the way that was relayed to me that sort of fit the bill as to why my people weren’t doing anything…

Less than 5% of the people will actually create wealth in their lives Most others will be dead, dead broke, depending on family or the government.

So we had to only work with the ones that were had already decided that they wanted to be the 5 %. Most wouldn’t

So instead of trying to “make” people into something that they were not…We just learned to “pre identify” those that were most likely to succeed.

Did this solve the problem? No because the problem is with my attitudes, and my mindsets… Which I am constantly working on… But I learned to “get out of the way” of my business and let it run.


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