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Emotions and Money Women Pay A Price Beverley Glazer

Emotions and money display themselves differently for women. Men are more objective when it comes to money, but when it comes to feelings, they get a sense of power, control and respect. Generally, women view money and finance with a different lens. For us, the underlying emotions are tied to security, and confidence, as well as our self-esteem.

Keeping money, making money, charging what you’re worth, selling, getting a raise, getting a job — think of all the many feelings attached to these transactions!

If you want to charge more for what you do, get a raise, start a business or have more income, your emotions can’t rule you.

We be discussing:

Your Emotional Financial Connection

Breaking Your Emotional Money Triggers

Questions To Ask Yourself

A New Relationship With Cash

Emotions and Money

In every transaction we make, there is an emotional component. And sometime feelings over-ride logic.

Here’s an example:

For the longest time, I was, hunting for a pair of shoes for my trip to Europe — comfortable, trendy, not sporty, yet stylish — and after many months, I found them. They were gorgeous, but way over my price point. I weighed the options, and against my better judgment, I tried them on — and I loved them! They were perfect! So, I played it around in my head and rationalized that I could afford them; that I deserved them; and that I’ll enjoy them for many years to come. I happily bought the shoes and was excited to bring them home.

But on the drive home I panicked. I had forgotten to buy sugar that I desperately needed for the dessert I was making for company that night. But, no sooner did the thought come in my head, when I noticed a convenience store, stopped in, found sugar and brought it to the cash.

The clerk looked me in the eye and said, “ $7.00.” I thought he was mistaken. “$7.00!” he repeated. I needed the sugar, so reluctantly I handed him the cash. But I left feeling resentful. I knew that I was being ripped-off.

Clearly this was not about shoes and sugar. Logically, I should have been happy to pay the $7.00, because I needed the sugar, and bought a much cheaper pair of shoes. But I paid for the pleasure of wearing the expensive shoes, and felt the pain of having to pay a higher price.

Making money, losing money, building businesses, success and failure are all tied to subconscious emotions based in childhood.

Has money been a family value?

Have you heard negative/positive talk about having money or losing it?

These thoughts and many others impact your beliefs and trigger automatic reactions about how you save and spend.

As in any relationship, a relationship, money must be understood. You need to be objective and also take control. The first step is to understand your feelings when it comes to money, Because money is neutral. But how you feel about your transactions are not.

Answer these questions, and write down the first feelings that come to mind:

How do you feel about having debt?

How do you feel about your savings and assets?

How do you feel about shopping for necessities?

How do you feel about shopping for others (birthdays, gifts, holidays etc)?

How do you feel about lending or borrowing?

How do you feel about your job and your income?

How do you feel about shopping for clothes?

How do you feel about paying for travel (outings, shows, entertainment)?

Emotions and Money

Think about where you developed these feelings in the first place, and be more objective.

Money is neutral, but for women, when feelings get in the way, our emotions take over and we pay a price for that.

If you want to charge more for what you do, earn more, change jobs, get a job, start a business, travel more — your limiting beliefs are stopping you. These emotional road-blocks are in your way.

Your Emotional Financial Connection

Limiting Wealth Beliefs

Questions to ask Yourself

A New Relationship With Cash

To discover your emotional roadblocks, take the quiz to break your limiting beliefs and move closer from where you are, to where you want to be.

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