I Applied for a Personal Loan - Liz Stevens
I Applied for a Personal Loan Liz Stevens

I’ve already opened the Walmart Black Friday sales flier twice today. At first, I was casually perusing laptops and gaming systems, one of which I think would be a fair Christmas/Birthday gift to myself.

Just moments later I caught myself looking at prices for sound systems when that’s never mattered to me, or a video projector because that’s cool, or new headphones because the cheap ones I got a few months ago are too tight and give me a headache after an hour or so of listening.

While we’re at it, isn’t it a good time to invest in a new bed? I got the cheapest mattress and frame I could find when I moved into my new apartment a year and a half ago, but with how sore I always am maybe a more supportive sleeping situation would help me out.

I just opened a new tab while writing this to compare the Purple Mattress and the Sleep Number bed. I’d probably go with the Purple Mattress since I am single, sleep in different positions and definitely run hot.

The purchase of a new bed has now been moved from an ‘if’ to a ‘when.’ Maybe when that end of year bonus hits, or when the tax return comes in shortly after. Or sooner, were I to get approved for financing, but since I just applied for a personal loan it’ll be a while before I apply for anything else.

Sure, I have student loans in forbearance and other things that need to be paid, but isn’t a good night’s rest now just as important? Couldn’t it help me solidify my new morning routine? Isn’t there a chance I’d be more alert and productive at work?

Who knows, I could write my first book because of this bed.

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