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I’m Not Ever Going to Take Your Medium E Course

I make decent money on Medium. Of course, the word “decent” is subjective — but I’m comfortable saying it. According to Medium’s earning statistics, I’m in one of their higher monthly-earnings tiers.

I couldn’t quit my full-time job and live on my Medium money, but I also love my full-time career and wouldn’t quit for any reason other than retirement and complete freedom, so this is a non-issue for me.

This is the first time I’ve ever mentioned my Medium earnings publicly, and it will also be the last. I’ve never felt it important to talk about what I make here; ultimately it’s my business — and where I come from — old-school Northern New England — talking about money is “uncouth.” (I don’t personally believe this to be true and have no issue discussing my earnings privately with a select few, but some habits are hard to break).

I’m writing about money here only to say — I’m technically a decent earner on Medium, and in no way do I feel that this qualifies me to offer an e-course on “succeeding” on Medium.

I’m noticing — frequently — that there are many writers on this platform who are beginning to offer such courses, and I’m really curious about it.

Many writers write articles about their successes writing on Medium, and I think this is really kind to do. Imparting this wisdom is an offering to the community — it’s a way of saying “I had this success, and I want you to have it too.”

I feel differently about these e-courses though, because many who are offering them are asking their students to register and pay. A few writers have had significant success on this platform; I can understand why they would offer a paid-course.

For the rest though — while I understand wanting compensation for one’s work — it makes me wonder, if I registered for your e-course, what would I be paying for, exactly?

Frankly, if I’m going to sign-up for your course and pay to take it, I want to know that you can deliver. I don’t want you to tell me that you’re earning good money on Medium — I want to see it.

Would you be willing to provide screenshots of your monthly pay stubs? Because I’ll be honest — if you’re making less than $3,000 per month on this site, I have little interest in paying to take a course you’re offering.

Because, we all know it changes — frequently. As far as I can tell, Medium keeps the nitty-gritty details about their algorithms fairly private — but have you been having conversations with them?

Has Medium told you how much each individual read is worth?

Does each minute of read-time own a certain monetary value? What is it? Is it relative based on expected read-time? Genre? Is it relative based on viewers — or is every view worth the same amount of money no matter the circumstances?

Do claps count? For how much? What about highlights? Comments?

If you can’t explain these things to me in detail, I don’t feel confident that you’ll be able to help me succeed on Medium, and I don’t want to pay you to explain to me your guesswork.

Essentially, I believe the key to succeeding on Medium is connecting with your readers, and doing so by writing well. Can you teach me to do these things better than I can do them on my own?

I have a degree in English Literature and Writing. I have a significant background in writing. Now, I don’t personally think that this makes me qualified to teach anyone how to write — but I believe myself to have basic knowledge of the subject.

What makes you qualified? Do you also have a degree in writing? If not, that’s not necessarily a problem for me. I don’t believe that degrees are the be-all-end-all in talent. In fact, I think there’s a huge difference in being educated in something, and possessing raw talent in something. Maybe you have the latter.

In which case, can I see the portfolio of your work? And I don’t mean your Medium profile. I would like to look at the articles you’ve published for pay in different publications outside of Medium.

Are you submitting any fiction or non-fiction to any publishing houses? Any magazines? Do you have any by-lines in The New Yorker? The Atlantic? The Economist?

Do you have any guest-columns in any newspapers? The Washington Post? The New York Times?

Do you have an agent? Who else has deemed your writing pay worthy? What successes, exactly, do you have, that show me you can teach me how to succeed as a writer here?

What successes, exactly, do you have, that I should be paying you for?

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