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The World of Nature Singh App

SinghApp continues to add up to its list of mesmerizing campaigns, one after another. After receiving amazing responses to our previous campaigns, we couldn’t wait to launch another one. This time the title covers a broader range and allows our participants to think of an idea more on their own than rely on the topic.

When we think of possible ideas for photography under the heading “Nature,” we think of everything around us and expect the participants to dwell deep into their thoughts and capture a perfect picture. A picture of nature can include almost anything. From mountains and lakes, oceans and rivers, beaches and rainbows and of course forests and deserts to a single plant or an insect or even an animal. Everything around us adds up to the idea of natural beauty; we predict it will be tough to decide what to capture for this campaign, BUT HEY! That’s the challenge.

While SinghApp awaits new amazing incoming submissions, we would like to remind how SinghApp works.

A Singh campaign starts with a submission phase where participants submit an original picture relevant to the campaign topic, to compete in it. The second phase is the voting phase, where participants vote among all the images in the campaign. After the campaign is finalized, every participant gets rewarded with a certain amount of Singh credits based on their ranking. Singh credits can be converted into Singh Tokens, which will very soon be redeemable. So, let’s not wait and get started with the amazing opportunity to earn money out of nothing, and evolve our passion of photography towards a profession.

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