Today I had to take a return from a product I sold. That was frustrating but I took the return because it was the right thing to do. I had sold and Xbox 1 controller for a decent margin of profit, but this buyer had issues with it, so I repaid them.

I had a full football schedule today so now that I am back at my apartment, I can finish up some work from yesterday.

Aside from that I started working on my first client for Upwork! I am hoping that once I finish this project, I will get a positive review and be able to show new prospects I am trustworthy for their free lance offerings.

Today my stock trading took a more positive turn as Natural Gas made a rebound of around 5–8 percent gains. I have used one day trade this week and am hopeful to maximize them by Friday.

Stock Trading: $0.00 — (gains reinvested in account so zero)

UpWork: $0.00

Medium $0.00

Mobius Marketing: $0.00

Facebook Market: -$25.00

College Stipend: $30.00

YouTube: $0.00

Total: $30.00

Expenses: $0.00

Made: $30.00

Because I didn’t lose any money. I had to repay what I made so I am still at $30.00.

Tomorrow I have another full football schedule with some free time in the morning and free time in the evening to get work done. I am focusing hard on getting my Upwork profile going. I am still ecstatic to be apart of Upwork, but I am not settling. I want to earn a consistent stream of income from this new opportunity.

My name is Alex Probert and I am on a mission to increase my daily income through various streams of revenue with the goal of creating consistent passive income every day.

My goal in sharing my journey here is to inspire others and show what it takes to create a side income by devoting free time to self-betterment and investment.

My past experience includes consulting with small businesses through my Company Mobius Marketing, managing project budgets of over $5 million, coaching peers in stock market investments, and working face to face with consumers in the retail market.

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