Never Just About the Money JENNIFER THOMPSON

It’s Never Just About the Money.

The topic of money is still taboo in many households. And if it is not taboo, it is still communicated with tremendous emotion and meaning. Yes, money is a highly emotional subject because of the meaning we’ve ascribed to it. This meaning by and large derived from the story we inherited about money in our families, in our culture and the media.

Stories such as, “money corrupts”, “the love of money is the root of all evil”, “people with money are entitled” turn into deeply entrenched beliefs in our psyche. And we see life and our reality through the lenses of these beliefs.

When I listen to people who are feeling ‘stuck’ talk about their lives, 9 times out of 10, money is given as the reason for being ‘stuck’ — stuck in the same dead-end job, stuck in an unhealthy relationship, or not being able to attract love, ‘stuck’ in their unhealthy lifestyle choices.

Contradictory messages about money are one reason many people cannot seem to attract money as easily as they would like to. If money is inherently ‘bad’ and rich people are inherently ‘entitled’ why would you ever want to attract money, let alone keep it? Why would you want to be bad and corrupt?

These same people who are feeling ‘stuck’ may have great family support, a roof over their heads, good health, a job, consistent income but they don’t see all the positive things in their lives, they only talk about what is lacking — and money often gets the blame.

If we are honest with ourselves, we know it’s never just about the money. Our lives are a series of decisions we make — the place they live, the job we take, the relationships we enter. These decisions, whether conscious or unconscious, are motivated by what we value and what we believe.

If you are stuck at a dead-end job and decide to stay in the same economically depressed city to be closer to your family, it’s because you value being close to your family and not because of a lack of money!

We will always be faced with conflicting priorities throughout our lives. When we know and are aligned with our core values, we become less conflicted.

I knew that warmth — both of people and climate — fun, adventure and the ocean were a huge part of my core being. Spending part of the time in California and part of the time in the Mediterranean came easy. While my children were young, my number one value was ensuring safety and stability for them, such a move would never have even been considered. Yes, values can change. Knowing them is what matters most.

Align yourself with your values, and money becomes secondary! It is there merely to support your values. It all starts with knowing yourself!

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