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Weekly Meetings Money Memes and Self Censoring Zelda Pinwheel


My department consists of three people and our boss, who doesn’t actually do what we do, but manages like…three to five different departments that are all considered “centralized services” but require completely different skill sets.

We also all work in completely different locations and I’ve only met my boss in person, my other two coworkers I’ve only Skyped and phoned and emailed with.

So we have these weekly meetings to touch base and discuss issues and check in on projects and stuff that could generally be done in casual conversations but, because reasons, requires weekly meetings.

Did I mention that these are Skype meetings? They are.


To be clear, that’s an hour long, video imaging required, screen sharing meeting once a week, ya’ll.


To “make things fun” we’re having themes, and are required to upload memes in keeping with the theme of the week. Since it’s a pay week, the theme is money.

Now. I’m, at my heart, an socialist anti-capitalist queermo who believes in universal basic income, the redistribution of wealth, and, just generally, the idea that people deserve some basic dignity and access to education for simply being alive. I know most of these values are unrealistic for a million and three reasons that, if I had the time, wherewithal, motivation, and attention span, I could probably have the top fifty slots on medium for at least three years. Sadly, I am a moderately depressed slacker with lots of good ideas and no energy with which to expound upon them and no credentials with which to implement them.

I kept finding memes that I wanted to share but felt that, perhaps, they were inappropriate for the workplace. (Although, and I brought this up at last week’s meeting when we decided we were going to be doing this, if you invite memes to a work meeting, you’ve got to be ready to get to know your coworkers a lot better.) So I’m trying to get my yayas out here not sound like I hate my job. I don’t, but I’d also really like to be able to pay my bills and stuff.

This is my favorite. I work for a non-profit, so I know that most of the money is actually going to places I don’t wholly disagree with. But still. Taking home less than $450 a week is rough.

I’ve always loved this quotation. So many of us have talents and interests that we can’t pursue because of this system and what it requires. I often wonder what genius lies buried under a system that leaves no room or access for so many. I’ve known so many brilliant people who couldn’t afford school or couldn’t take the time to write their theories down and wouldn’t be taken seriously even if they did. Wealth provides so many things, but the most valuable of those is access and time.

Below, please find snark. All economic and political systems are fucked from the get-go because human beings have not evolved from the survivalist mentality that fuels greed and hoarding of resources. Individuals have, to be sure, but we’re still at the point where all systems are doomed to devolve into our survival or comfort at the expense of someone else’s. Until we shift to a mentality of abundance rather than poverty, this will continue. Capitalism, along with our version of democracy (and I use the term so fricken loosely) here in the States fosters profound and systemic inequality that continually shifts more and more power and funds into fewer and fewer hands. (Also, this was not how shit was supposed to go, we just stopped paying attention and let too many lifers stay in power even though they stopped working for us decades ago.)

I could go on, but I won’t because now I’m getting agitated and I still have to find a nice, comfy money meme to upload to our shared meeting notes.

Also, on a personal note (because all my other writing is, y’know, super objective), someone from medium-land sent me something unexpected and really, really nice that helped me medicate my dog this month. They will remain unnamed, but I think you know who you are. You have my deepest gratitude. Thank you for being such a generous, thoughtful soul. I hope some day I can return the favor.❤

Love your people, people. In whatever ways you can.


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