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To do or not to do…. DON’T DO IT!!!!!!

Here is my story on how I was almost caught in a scam.

I am always in investment platforms and things like that. One day I happened to stumble upon Trade LTD. The video presentation was good and I thought to myself, “Well, this could be good”. So naturally, I decided to check it out. When I finished with my free registration things started getting a little…. Weird. Weird how you may ask? Well weird as in everything they explained on the video turned out to be … LIES!!!!!

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Was I the only one or were there other people that were being….. Curious?

All of a sudden I had to start giving my bank details, make deposits left, right and center and I was like, HELL NO!!! There is no way I was going to do that. I found the mobile app and decided to read the comments, wondering if people were experiencing what I was. And there it was. The angry mob of very dissatisfied people complaining about the very same thing I was. The Empty promises in the video were on full display. I was surprised at the comments the people got back in return from the company. It was like they just chilled and told people that it was only the system that was for free and the rest wasn’t.

So basically, in short, the video stated that you don’t have to pay anything because Trade LTD hasn’t gone public yet and that the site I landed on was part of a sort of trial run, a phase 2. They also said that they would deduct a percentage of money from your earnings after 41 days. All I needed to “invest” was “time”. Sounds good right?…. Maybe too good to be true.

All rights go to the owner of this picture.

Then things got even hairier. I got a phone call…. The person was supposedly part of the financial team that wanted to find out more about me and to make a financial plan for me and then also assigns me an adviser that was like a ‘friend’ that would guide me through the process so that I could make money. Awwww very kind of them… till the caller named Nathan got pushy. He was trying everything to get my bank details from me and encourage me to invest the $200 that I didn’t have. Then he tried a different angle and wanted me to deposit money into my account even if I didn’t have it to ‘save’ my spot… Like what was that about? I wasn’t going to deposit money that I didn’t have and then have a negative number in my bank account. So now I got to the point of no-more-mister-nice-guy… well… woman, but you understand what I mean, and decided to go dig around more about this company. I searched for reviews and found very un-nerving reviews about this place. They turned out to be an unregistered trading company, this means that they are not monitored/regulated which was the first red flag that I saw. The second was they don’t offer any demo accounts where you can practice and ‘get the hang off’ things.

I knew that this sounded far too good to be true. So stay clear from this before you lose a huge amount of money.

Here are a few links that you can go check out that did more research on TradeLTD:

Read every site to the last letter to be informed. It all comes down to this; Don’t invest any money in unregulated companies. I hope this blog helps you before you get scammed and if you have been scammed check out Broker Complaint Registry to help you out.

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