Catching up financially when you are exceedingly behind, with no paid projects on the horizon, is the writer’s worst nightmare.

And so, you turn to Medium.

It’s a dependable option. It’s also an utter waste of time if you cheat on the work.

So don’t cheat on the work. You can’t afford it.

Success Stories

Many of us on this platform read the plethora of articles about writers making $10,000+ monthly by doing the same thing we do:


“So why are my monthly checks closer to 10 cents than 10 grand?” you may ask. “I’m posting an article a week. When will I make the same money?”

And that, my friends, is the real issue. Those are “giving up” questions. Anyone who posts an article a week on Medium has a hell of a long way to go to earn real money.

The Facts of the Matter

I’ve written articles before on how to earn a real income writing for Medium. The message is the same across the board: Do the damn work. There is no substitute.

Many self-help gurus discuss (or exploit) the symbiotic relationship between desperation and money. When one is desperate, they do one of two things: They panic, or they spring into action.

I have been in dire straits before. I’ve nearly lost everything. My house, my relationships … even a gas bill was threatened with disconnection. The average monthly cost? $9. I couldn’t do that much.

Tell me if you can relate. As a writer, it is immensely difficult to continue writing when you’re panicked, or when the phone is being shut off, or when the water and power bill is threatened with disconnection.

When you’ve had issues with check payments, or auto-debits, because you were expecting a client to pay on time … and your check arrives two days late, that’s a problem. Meantime, those $35 fees continue to pile …

Am I close? Do tell. Let’s see, you have nothing left to bring to the pawn shop. You beg and plead for your car not to be repossessed …

I can go on forever. So, the question becomes: “What if all of my bills are due at once, and I haven’t received any work?”

Answer: You’re in serious trouble. However, the cliche applies: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

“The Way”

Follow carefully, and you should be fine. Understand, on repeat, that if you don’t plan on doing the work, you can skip the important stuff:

  • Write three Medium articles daily, or 90 per month (a random choice; adjust to your needs). Actually, let’s make it 100 for a round number. Plan to earn $300.00 monthly, in this instance. Do what you must (post links on all of your social media, share with your friends over email) to call attention to your articles. Share on all of these sites, even if you are not a member: Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Reddit (find an appropriate group in which to share), Quora, and
  • Earn your $300 per month by planning to earn $3.00 per article, by repeating the above steps. Visit your Medium Partner Program dashboard daily.
  • Follow those simple steps, and chances are at least one of your articles will become an unexpected breakout hit. Should that occur, your plans for earning $3.00 per post should substantially increase.
  • As you increase your output, you will also organically increase the number of your followers. That equates to still more readers.
  • Post links to articles on related social media groups. For example, if you write an article offering advice on writing, share to several Facebook writing pages. (Yes, I will soon be doing exactly that.)
  • Submit your articles to Medium publications.
  • Refresh and post old Medium articles.

Chances are if you do all this for a period of three months, you may not earn $10,000 monthly straightaway, but you can rest assured that your numbers will only continue to increase.

You literally are writing for your life, and hopefully within that period you will also be offered other writing work. A month is a long time. You have the same 24 hours each day as has J.K. Rowling, Stephen King and others with vast output. They do it. You can too.

Perhaps within a year $10,000 monthly will become a real possibility. Regardless, you should be able to catch up on your bills if you follow the preceding advice.

Once more, with passion:


The alternative ain’t all that pretty.

Thank you for reading.

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