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How to make per month on Medium Lauren

Make cash money by sharing your feelings online.

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If you’re anything like me, you probably like to write, you think you’re halfway decent at writing and you could use a little chump change to pay for the overpriced hot yoga you’d like to practice. That’s where Medium comes in — like a kid running down a recently waxed hallway wearing socks, sliding into the finish with a resounding “TA-DA!”. A place where readers read and writers write and you can write whatever you want. (No résumé writing here!) And if you write well enough, you can make some (as the kids say) big bread.

What a concept! It’s brilliant and I love it and it is truly a delight to be part of the wise-cracking, heartstrings-tugging, thought-provoking, advice-giving, weird-sex-story-telling, business-mentoring, anxiety-reducing, anxiety-inducing, anti-any-type-of-body-shaming, morning-routine-recommending Medium community.

That’s why today I want to take the opportunity to teach those new to this very special platform, how to make some cash money.

Specifically, how to make $2.43 per month.

Now, I know $2.43 doesn’t sound like much. But, before you click away to another Medium writer with 10 times the followers as myself, let me remind you, I am getting paid to write. (Not technically because I’m paying $5 per month to write.) But, un-technically, I am getting paid to write.

I made 85 cents writing about my femininity. I made $1.33 writing about Al Pacino. I made 10 cents writing about the woes of working from home. I met 8 cents writing about a homeless man who taught me a lesson. I made 5 cents writing about drinking too much in Italy. I made 2 cents writing about spending time with my parents.

Again, I know it’s not a lot of money, but it’s money that I made writing down my feelings and sharing them with the Internet. (Even though I will likely regret it one day because the Internet is forever.)

And you too can get paid to write!

So I’m going to give you a few tried and true tips to making $2 to $4 on Medium per month.

1. Publish 1 or 2 times per month.

I’m busy, you’re busy, we’re all busy. It’s not easy to carve out several hours in a day to write and publish stories, so do what you can and stop stressing about it. It’s important to live your life and to get to your real job on time. Drink a beer, laugh with your friends, have a screen-free weekend, quit writing for week or two, read books instead, play with your annoying kids, make hummus with your boyfriend, finish your laundry, take a walk, go to overpriced hot yoga, etc. If you can publish 1–2 stories per month then you’re certain to stick within the range of $2 to $4 per month.

2. Don’t write click-bait headlines.

If you stay far away from click-bait headlines, then you’ll definitely remain in the $2 to $4 per month category. As a journalist, I struggle with writing click-bait headlines because professors drilled into me the stupidity of misleading teases. In a newscast for example:

After the break, we’ll tell you what’s in your dinner tonight that could be killing your children.

And then after the break and after you’ve thrown out your dinner, you find out there’s a specific bed bug that lives on a specific remote island in the Pacific that likes to lays its eggs in mac n’ cheese and eating a single egg results in death in 1 out of every 18 billion people. Misleading as f**k — just like click-bait headlines.

So, what I’m saying is, if you want to make a little money on Medium, but not very much, stay away from those click-bait headlines.

3. Begin writing many stories, but never finish them

I have so many unfinished pieces in my “Drafts” folder. And they’re not unfinished because they are terrible. They are unfinished because I got bored or tired or felt like stalking my ex-boyfriends on Instagram instead of writing. One is about eating disorders among college students, one is about addiction to fame, one is about getting let go from a “Forbes Dream Job” and one is a fictional story about a woman who talks to her portraits. Good stuff huh!? And that’s just four examples, I have dozens more!

So if you really want to stay in the $2 to $4 per month range, I would absolutely recommend spending a few hours writing something brilliant and then, when you’re just about it finish it, completely forget about it instead.

4. Interact with the Medium community minimally.

I’m a three clap kind of person. If I read something on Medium that I like, I’ll throw three claps the writer’s way. If something really resonates with me, I’ll leave a comment like, “Great stuff.”. But mostly I don’t engage with my fellow Medium writers. Not because I don’t like them, because I do. There are so many talented people on this platform. Rather, I don’t engage because when I’m using Medium, I’m focused on myself. I’m either trying to learn “How to Take My (Your) Relationship to the Next Level” or, I have two hours (for instance, right now) to slam out a story before my boyfriend wakes up and wants to chit-chat.

My very small interaction with Medium writers has certainly aided in my $2.43 per month earnings. If you’re interested in a similar take-home, I’d suggest you follow suit.

Take em’ or leave em’, those are my tips to making approximately $2.43 per month on Medium.

The small amount may only allow you to purchase two items at the dollar store, but remember those two items were purchased with money YOU MADE FROM WRITING.

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