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Professional Spotlight Finacial Secrets By Emilio Valenciano

Emilio is currently a student here at BYUH studying Exercise Sports Science and minoring in Business Management Finance track. He’s originally from the Philippines and arrived here in Spring 2018. He recently was Married to Sarah Hardman and has two businesses that he is currently perusing. One of them is called Chill and Grill which is a food business he started with Harold Pedroso and the second business is ValencianoVisuals which is a Videography Business that he also does on the side. Emilio hope is to pursue a future in photography and learn skills he learns in his Business classes to build on the skill set he already has to start a Business.

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What’s your own investment philosophy?

I believe that it is okay to spend money as long as it’s gonna be something that will help you to make a profit. This is for business-related expenses, with normal expenses its alright to spend money as long as your spending less then what you are making.

What financial goals do you suggest I consider as I start my business?

Its important to write your ideas down so that you can refer to them later. Its also important to make time to plan and reflect on your goals, doing this will allow you to step back and think about what steps need to be made to reach the goals you have set. Some good examples of questions could include things such as why are you doing this? or how bad do you want it? As well as what should I do now that will get me to where I need to be?. All of these questions should be what you constantly ask yourself all the time.

What do you wish you knew about finances before starting?

I wish I was smart in spending my money because I would occasionally buy things that I didn’t really need. I wish I didn’t spend it just for pleasure but instead a good investment like better photography gear. It’s important to ensure that you have a budget set out cause this will ensure that you spend your money wisely.

Are there financial decisions you made in the past that you regret? Why?

Because i did not spend money wisely in the past, I feel that having a budget that showed me on paper where my money was going would have made it easier. In my cycle of cash clash, I was taught the importance of keeping a record of your expenses so that you can evaluate each month on what is being spent, and I feel this is something i wish i had known earlier.

How do you measure financial success and is there an example of someone in your life who has achieved this success?

I measure by the amount of work done and have succeeded. I feel contented when I feel like, after everything I’ve done, I still want to improve myself and continue. Parker walbeck, a videographer, taught me how to continue pursuing my dreams and never give up.

I learnt that its important to set goals and apart of setting goals requires you to have a plan of action when it comes to your finances. Apart of this includes budgeting and ensuring that you are managing your finances and ensuring that you spend less then you earn. These words of advice I feel we could apply to our lives in general not just for a business.

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