The future, a lot of people dread it, some people look forward to it, but almost nobody tries to do anything to change it. Everyone on Earth seems to think the future is in someone else’s hands, whether that’s the government, the economy, or religion.

The world is plagued by things like corruption, climate change, and mass oppression. Everybody believes someone else will handle it, what can one person do? I’m not powerful, I’m don’t have the skills necessary, and I’m not rich enough.

But a great man once said “You have to be the change you wish to see in the world?”

In order to change in the world you have to change yourself, improve yourself and the environment around you. If you can manage to make small improvements in your life and local area, there’s a good chance that you become a beacon of inspiration for others and they will follow your example.

So if you make a change within yourself, the idea that change is possible spreads like a wildfire, and if everyone becomes the change they wish to see in the world, the world itself changes.

If things aren’t so great in your life, you must take full responsibility for whatever circumstances you are in, even if it really doesn’t seem like any of it is your fault.

It’s not popular to think this way in our day and age but if you are in a bad situation, 99% of the time, there is something that can be done. So if you are stuck it is 99% your fault.

It’s easy to blame the government for letting corporations give us bad wages, and it’s also easy to be angry at politicians for lying about bringing us change.

But honestly, while it may be harder to take matters into your own hands, it’s more rewarding to feel like you have some kind of control in your life. You have the power to do something on an individual level and say I’m going to be the one to choose whether my life is something good or not.

Make an effort and you can make a change in your life and possibly the lives around you.

In any country most of the people are middle class or poor, so it’s very uncommon to not be struggling with finances in some way.

Rich people are a rarity because a lot of the time, to move up from poor to rich requires you to think differently from literally everyone you know.

For all of history, most people were born poor, lived a poor life and died poor. This is the only time ever in history that it has been so easy to get rich.

Pretty much everyone has an internet connection of some kind and that’s enough to make it big.

Back then, even in our parent’s generation, starting a business was very difficult, you had to save your money for years and you had to test out your ideas. If you failed, then you had to wait a long time and save up until you could test again.

A lot of people had to wait until they were middle aged to have any successful business going, but these days you can be a teenager and make millions just from the internet. There’s very low startup costs and very high profit potential.

If you can say to yourself, “I’m responsible for my destiny and achieving my dreams, nobody else.” And you take action to learn and implement that knowledge. There is nothing you can’t accomplish.

But of course most people don’t believe this and instead choose to believe that business is too hard and not worth the effort. Or even worse, they believe that all forms of business is wrong and they are righteous and holy because they refuse to engage in such a dishonorable activity.

This is such a toxic belief system because if you think trying to raise your status in life is bad, then you bring down yourself and those people around who listen to what you say. You are not being the change in the world, you are keeping it in bad condition.

Make the choice and choose to be different from everyone around who cannot see the unlimited potential of our generation. Choose to use the power of the internet to make your life 100 times better. And refuse to believe that you are not capable of doing it.

Have a financial goal in mind, work your way backwards to figure out the steps to achieve it, research how to accomplish each step, be patient and then be rich.

Be the change you wish to see in your life.

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