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How to Organize Your Warehouse Store Purchases RISMedia RISMedia

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Like to buy in bulk but at a loss for where to put everything once you get home? Never fear, you don’t have to give up your trips to the warehouse store. Here are some great storage tips to try after your next big-box shopping spree.

Take it out of the packaging. In most cases, the packaging of warehouse goods is what causes a lot of the bulk. Once you remove it, you can break down your items into more manageable, storable sizes.

Rethink storage space. Chances are, you won’t be able to fit all that toilet paper under your bathroom sink. So get creative about where to store your bulk items, i.e., the top shelf in your linen closet, under a bed, the garage, the laundry room…just be sure to remember where you stashed your extras!

Put lidded buckets to work. These large containers are great for storing dog food or individually packaged snacks.

Get smart about freezing. When it comes to fruits, veggies and meats bought in bulk, be realistic about what you can use in the week ahead and freeze the rest, otherwise your bulk purchases will quickly go to waste. Package meat in meal-size portions and freeze accordingly.

Store items throughout the home. Don’t get bogged down on storing everything in one spot. Items like garbage bags, soap, facial tissues and more are used in multiple rooms of your home, so store some of each wherever they’ll be used. 

Bring items to work. Whether it’s protein bars, your favorite seltzer or aspirin, don’t forget to stock up at your workplace too. Having the things you need most on hand while you’re working saves you time in the morning from having to pack them, and saves you money from not having to run out to buy them during the day. 

Keep an emergency stash in the car. Keep a bin packed in your car with a variety of packaged snacks and drinks, first-aid items, extra socks, and whatever else might come in handy on a road trip. Your warehouse purchases will help you be travel ready at a moment’s notice!

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