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Simple Life Hacks Habits You Can Copy From Billionaires

The Tony Robbins success cycle is a handy formula to have whenever you go forward in accomplishing a goal, it provides a framework to show you where exactly you are in achieving something and what direction you should be heading to next.

It uses a broad process that can be applied to pretty much any type of goal, and as you get used to using it, the formula of your own individual success becomes clearer and clearer allowing you to succeed over and over again.

In this article I will be using business as the primary example of a field we want to succeed in but keep in mind the success cycle can be applied to other parts of life.

When we first set out to start a business, there are a lot of little wins along the way that don’t necessarily mean you’ve made a sale or made any money, but it could be something as small as getting your first visitor or subscriber.

Celebrating this first small achievement is important because if you don’t appreciate the little wins in your business, it is hard to find the motivation to keep going.

Having constant gratitude is always the stable base from which success can arise.

When you stop debating with yourself whether something is or isn’t possible, and you begin to tell yourself, “I AM going to achieve this,” your subconscious stops thinking of alternatives to your goal and it starts only thinking of ways to achieve your goal.

If you have doubts you’ll always be thinking of “what could go wrong” and “what’s my plan B,” but a person with no doubts has no plan B and they are to sink or swim to achieve their goal.

A person will always tend to follow the path of least resistance so make sure your only path forward is towards your dream goal and you will have no choice but to follow it.

Now that you’ve determined that there is only one path to go forward in, it’s time to take action, and if you take loads of action in the beginning, the payoff will be bigger down the line.

The reason you don’t see too much success in the world is because people don’t believe in themselves or what they are doing so they want to get it done at minimum level of quality possible.

But when you are chasing a dream that keeps you up at night and has you thinking 24/7 about endless possibilities, then you find yourself fired up to spend as much time taking action that your mind and body will allow.

Generally unending work can lead to burnout so in the beginning as long as you do something that day to bring the business forward, you can count that as taking action.

As your business grows your body will probably be used to spending loads of time on it but you won’t have to because you’ll have the monetary leverage to hire other people to take action for you.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though and make a consistent effort to take action everyday.

If you’ve done everything on the list so far then pretty soon you will be receiving some level of results, this is generally an improvement in some aspect of the business.

Whether you’ve gotten more subscribers, more visitors, or more sales, the cycle begins anew because you are reinforcing the idea of your potential, showing yourself that there was never any reason to doubt yourself, and giving yourself more reasons to keep taking action.

Which leads to bigger and better results.

Like a wheel in real life, this cycle keeps going round and round gaining speed, as time goes on. This leads to more success and accomplishment.

When you utilize the success cycle, it’s hard to fail because everything about it is built to give you continuous wins that lead to a constant habit of action and results.

Implement this framework to your mindset and there is nothing that can’t be achieved.

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