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Top Online Marketing Tips for Real Estate Agents

Do you have all the essential social media apps downloaded?

It’s extremely important to have a social media presence if you are interested in dominating your online marketing goals. The top 3 social media apps you want to be on are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Create a professional looking Facebook page for all of your real estate ventures. Make sure to use a professional headshot or logo for your profile photo. Populate your page with only real estate related information and content. Invite all of your friends to like your page. When people like your Facebook page, they will be able to see all of your posts and updates. You never know who may contact you after seeing one of your posts online!

Instagram is the perfect app for showcasing the beautiful properties you plan to sell. With that being said, you want to make sure the photos you post on Instagram are high-quality. Some of the most followed Instagram pages are architectural ones that display houses all around the world. Instagram Stories is also great for doing walkthroughs of the houses you’re selling. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to jump on Instagram Stories and do Q&A’s with your followers either. You have to build strong relationships with your followers if you ever plan to sell them a house!

LinkedIn made the top 3 essential social media channels to be on because it’s a professional environment. It’s a great app to build a professional network online. LinkedIn is also a great place to learn helpful tips about your industry!

Your brokerage probably provided you a portal or unique URL on their company website but you still need your own personal website.

Brokerages typically provide their agents with a portal or unique URL that they can use as their “personal website.” Although you may have received this webpage for free, you still need your own website. Here’s why..

Websites can serve as your own personal hub. You can have your own domain name, branding, obtain email lists, blog, and do your own retarget marketing.

Before you go search “how to build a website” on Google, I must caution you that creating a website is not very easy. You should consult a professional like myself before building a website as it could become very time-consuming and costly. The last thing I would want is for you to get discouraged and not build your own website because of how hard it is to create. Having your own website is extremely important so feel free to ask any questions you may have about building a website so you can obtain email lists, learn how to blog, or do your own retarget marketing.

Social media is a two-way street, don’t forget that.

The number one mistake people make online is forgetting that the digital world is a two-way street. The digital world is exactly like the physical world. The only difference is that you’re communicating via internet.

Imagine having a conversation with somebody in person and throughout the entire conversation, you never got a word in. The other person, finished their story, smiled and walked away. Pretty dreadful right? So why would you do that online?

When creating content for online marketing purposes, make sure it’s engaging. Pose questions to your readers/ viewers/ followers. Invite people to ask you questions. Just because people follow you, doesn’t mean they’re interested in being “preached at” all day.

So how do you create engaging content as a real estate agent? Post a photo of the house you plan on selling. In the caption, write something like, “what do you think of this backyard?” “Can you see yourself swimming in this pool?” “Would your kids enjoy this backyard?” “Do you like the color of this house?”

Posting a photo of the house with the basic facts and location is boring. Stop doing it. Get creative and start a conversation about the house. Name one of your favorite things about the house. Show WHY somebody should buy the house you are selling.

When you’re doing walkthroughs, hop on Instagram Live and invite people to ask questions about the house. Don’t be afraid of people asking questions that may make the house look bad. Those pieces of constructive criticism can give you the insight you need to make a small fix and get that house SOLD.

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