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How Much Does Real Estate Photography Cost Hometrack Real

Hiring a real estate photography company or solo professional photographer is an excellent investment in your real estate listing. Not only can this decision generate a higher sales price it can also lower your days on the market. According to the National Association of Realtors, 89% of homebuyers report that online photos are helpful during their home search.

If you’re committed to adding eye-catching real estate photos to your listing, you might be wondering how much it costs or how much you can expect to spend when hiring a real estate photographer or company.

Here’s what you need to know:

No matter how beautiful your home is, it’s difficult to showcase a listing fully without the help of a professional real estate photographer. Here are a few reasons this is true:

  • Professional real estate photographers understand how and when to shoot images based on your home’s location and setting. Professional photographers have the experience and skills needed to display your home’s best features and highlight its most unique qualities.
  • Professional real estate photographers have access to up-to-date editing software, which they can use to retouch and enhance photos for optimal effect.
  • While no home is perfect, professional photographers understand how to emphasize the most desirable aspects of your home, while downplaying imperfect areas.
  • Professional real estate photographers can take images to accompany a home’s sale listing including rentals and Airbnb listings.
  • Professional real estate photography company can help with marketing strategy including online digital marketing expertise.
  • Not all homes are beautifully staged or furnished and a professional real estate photography company should be able to provide virtual staging to increase the desirability of your home.
  • A real estate photography company can also provide an integrated online digital and print strategy including brochures and pamphlets.
  • Beautiful, professional photos allow you to claim a higher asking price and create a real estate listing that earns views and clicks. This is critical if you want to get your listing noticed in a highly competitive area, or if you have a unique property to showcase.
  • Top-quality real estate photography requires a different set of skills and tactics than wedding or portrait photography. A reputable real estate photographer will have the experience, state-of-the-art equipment, and skill-sets required to take beautiful interior and exterior shots in daylight or twilight shoots.

While hiring a professional photographer will cost more than taking the photos yourself, the finished product will be worth the time, money, and positive results.

The answer is that it varies, and that you need to speak directly to your photographer to get an exact quote.

Most professional real estate photographers work on a tiered pricing model, with different pricing for different options. The following factors will impact the final price of your shoot:

  • The number of photos you want. If you’re going to invest in professional photography, be sure you’re purchasing as many photos as you need to showcase your home correctly. Ask your real estate agent for guidance if you’re not sure how many images you need, keeping in mind that unlimited it always better. While you’ll generally pay a lower cost-per-picture when you purchase more images, larger photo packages can be more expensive than smaller packages. Larger real estate photography companies will offer unlimited photographs of your home, which helps you pick the best photos to showcase your home without having to worry about missing an important photograph.
  • Square footage. The price of photo packages goes up with the square footage of your space. Most photographers charge a sliding fee, with prices increasing per square foot for properties over a specific size. If you have questions about the exact pricing of your package, speak to your photographer directly.
  • Style of photography. Some photographers offer packages that include available twilight photography, drone photography, video, and even Matterport 3D tours. Since these approaches require more equipment, time, and training, they often come with an added cost. Don’t let this deter you, though. Twilight and drone aerial photography can help close more deals and are both excellent ways to make your real estate listing unique and eye-catching.
  • Additional assets. If you’d like any other visual assets, like a video, a drone photography shoot for your home, or a virtual tour, you’ll pay a premium for these services. Fortunately, investing in additional visual assets can be an excellent idea for some properties. This is especially true for large or high-value properties or those with extensive acreage or outbuildings.

If you’re selling your property, creating a beautiful listing complete with stunning real estate photography is essential. That doesn’t, however, mean you have to break the bank on photography services. Here are a few ways to save money on your professional photography services:

One excellent way to save on real estate photos is to invest in a photography package. Photography companies can create “packages” by bundling several services, generally discounting the price of each slightly.

This means you can get interior and exterior photos, aerial images, and even a virtual walk-through more cheaply from a single photographer or company than you could from three separate photographers. In addition, marketing material such as printed brochures can be integrated within a complete marketing strategy.

Since packages vary in price and scope, speak directly to your photographer to get an accurate price estimate.

If you’re listing several properties at once or in quick succession, ask your photographer whether they’re willing to offer a bulk discount. Some photographers will lower their prices slightly for clients that provide ongoing loyalty and business.

If you’re selling a small property, you probably don’t need a photography package, which likely includes services you won’t use. You may save money by choosing a la carte services, instead. Browse your photographer’s service menu to find the offerings that are right for you and your property.

Many people wonder whether or not they should stage or virtually stage their home before they invest in real estate photography. Either choice are an excellent way to create a beautiful, neutral space that will be attractive to buyers.

Both solutions are a great way to encourage your listing to sell quickly. According to The Real Estate Staging Association, staged homes spend 90% less time on the market than unstaged homes. The combination of beautiful staging and professional photography makes a real estate listing impossible to resist and is a great approach to earn more views for your listing.

Professional real estate photography is critical for anyone who wants to sell a home quickly and ensure that would-be buyers see all its unique features. While professional real estate photography will cost more than DIY photography, it will also generate a more beautiful, professional, and eye-catching finished product you and your client’s demand. You only get one chance to catch an online buyer’s attention!

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