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I Made in My Second Month on Medium

Key lessons from writing my first 100 pieces on this platform

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I’ll confess: I have no idea what I am doing.

For some reason, people are surprised when I tell them I rarely do.

And I definitely had no idea what I was doing when I decided to start writing on Medium on October 2, 2019. I just knew that I had to start, and I wanted to experiment with this new (for me) platform, as well as challenge myself to write in English.

Last month I wrote 40 articles and told the world what I’ve learned from that. This month, I’ve written 60 more, which makes a grand total of 100 articles published in two months.

As I am writing this, I am looking over my financials and see that I’ve made $616.93 in November from writing on Medium. It’s not a lot, but it was my second month writing on this platform.

I’ll not lie and tell you that 100% of these earning were from the Partner Program. This money actually came from two sources on Medium.

$116.93 came from the Partner Program itself:

Screenshot of November financials from my Dashboard

While $500 came from a commissioned (and so far, the best performing I’ve written) article for a Medium publication called Better Humans:

Screenshot from my PayPal account

Of the 100 pieces I’ve written, some of them were curated, most of them weren’t. Some of them were self-published, while most of them were written for publications like The Startup, Better Marketing, Post-Grad Survival Guide, and The Ascent.

In this piece, I want to reflect on my last month and talk about three key lessons I’ve learned about becoming a successful writer on Medium.

A little disclaimer, though.

I am not an expert. And I still have a long way to go to become somebody like Tim Denning, Tom Kuegler, or Ayodeji Awosika — some of the writers whom I respect and look up to. I mean, I only have ~500 followers.

But one of the key lessons I’ve learned is that followers, numbers, and stats don’t mean much. Whether you show up regularly does. And whether you have anything worthwhile to say does too. All else is secondary.

And as I keep going, I want to tell the world what I’ve learned, and I am grateful that I can do that here.

I hope it will be helpful to those writers who are just starting (hey me, two months ago!) and probably insightful (and a bit nostalgic) to all those veteran writers out there.

Without further ado…

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