Why Medium Earnings Will Make You Question Everything
Why Medium Earnings Will Make You Question Everything

When You Got Rich on Medium:

Getting rich on Medium isn’t easy, I’ll give you that, but it’s possible and we have a lot of top writers here to prove it.

However, I wager they’ll start questioning the same things I did when I got successful at full-time blogging (on my own portal).

I remember when it all seemed too good to be true and I started questioning:

  • Why was it so easy to get this amount of money when others are working hard, long hours on end, and don’t score nearly as much?

I thought about it, but I eventually found the answer — it’s the old adage of working smart vs working hard.

Those people who work hard and get paid little are usually working hard but going through a small amount of risk. They are usually employees working hard but not having the responsibility to keep the company afloat, to worry about costs, profit margins, EBIT values, investor dividends and stuff like that.

In other words, they work hard but have low risk and low mental investment, one of those.

We writers have a very high mental investment — writing daily, even if just one article per day, is taxing for the mind. We are also going through a lot of risk — we start out earning absolutely nothing, and it’s extremely difficult to succeed if you aren’t dedicating yourself 100% to it… it’s not like most successful bloggers are working blogging as a side-hustle, blogging is usually their full-time blog.

…and trust me, even dedicating yourself full-time, becoming a successful blogger “ain’t” easy.

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