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Tuesday, December 03, 2019

Blogging is a great way to share knowledge, knack for writing and build clientele–whether you’re a small business, storyteller or major brand. If you’re thinking of starting a blog, or wish to brush up on your blogging basics, consider the following from online marketing company fishbat:

Stay focused. To start, understand that while blog writing should have a focus – food, technology, travel, just to name a few examples – different types of content should be experimented with. If a food blogger typically discusses and ranks local restaurants they’ve recently dined at, perhaps they’d be inclined to vary their content with recipes or tips on increasing the flavor of meals. Blog readers have certain expectations when it comes to the content they consume, but this shouldn’t come at the cost of variety.

Hard-hitting headlines. The right headlines go a long way in engaging readers at the onset. There are a few rules to follow when crafting catchy headlines, however. First, avoid clickbait; keep them as accurate as possible to the content that awaits the reader. Second, keep them short; headlines shouldn’t be any longer than 10 words, as they should get to the point with as few characters as possible. By following these rules, blog posts will engage readers before they get to the substantive matter.

Get specific. Another tip to note is the accuracy of the information provided when blog writing. Instead of relying solely on general terms like “many” or “few,” include statistics wherever appropriate. Percentages, fractions and other stats help to expand upon the content being provided. They offer further insight to readers, which will keep them hooked. When this information is included, it increases the value of every blog post to readers.

Pump up the passion. Perhaps the most important practice that a blog writer can carry out is being passionate about what they write. Simply put, if one doesn’t feel strongly about the content they produce, it will become evident to readers. Ergo, they’re more likely to click away than stick around. This helps blog writers produce better content that will keep readers engaged in the long term.

Source: fishbat

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