Cyber Monday Special for MuddyUm Matchmaker Extends Through the End of the Week
Cyber Monday Special for MuddyUm Matchmaker Extends Through the End

With MuddyUm’s new method of calculating earnings being dependent almost exclusively on the amount of time an article is read, writers are becoming more and more despondent. Many have found that what they are earning under this new system is nowhere near the amount they normally earned in the past. A big part of the reason is that while writers want to support each other no one wants to put in actual time doing this.

“Before, it was much easier to be supportive of other writers. You could clap a bunch in no time flat, even without needing to read any of the stories. I could clap the max for 10 other writers stories in under 10 minutes without ever reading a word,” one MuddyUm writer said.

“They’re making it impossible for us to support each other,” another writer said. “Do they actually expect us to take the time to read everyone’s story that we want to help succeed? That would take all day and then when would we be able to write?”

Many writers, who want to remain anonymous, are complaining that it’s practically impossible to game the system now. Instead, readers feel that MuddyUm is forcing them to be honest in terms of their actual interest in a story, as indicated by their reading times. This wasn’t what many people signed up for.

But practically impossible, isn’t the same as truly impossible, not when you have a creative and dedicated matchmaker who wants to help you succeed on MuddyUm and earn what you deserve. Why should you feel pressured into reading dozens of stories a day just so other writers will read yours? You should be free to spend your time writing and working on your own posts, not focused on everyone else’s.

Enter the most successful MuddyUm’s Matchmaker available. Schooled in the best traditional Matchmaking methods of Eastern Europe, I am trained and experienced in proven techniques that will help you meet your writing goals of earning whatever you so desire.

I have the entire population of MPP writers at my fingertips, which I have analyzed and mined to find those members who are active and willing to support others without the need to put much time into actually doing so. My database is updated at least once every 24 hours and analyses are run daily as well, to make sure that I discover new potential high quality matches for you.

Other matchmakers will put you together with anyone. “You’re a MuddyUm Writer, They’re a MuddyUm Writer, it’s a match made in Heaven!” Unfortunately, while this strategy might earn you a transient reader here and there, these types of fake readers are likely to be fickle and unreliable, and you may have to go out on numerous “dates” to find even a single fake reader that will give your stories enough fake reading time to earn them what they deserve.

Or worse, they will actually use bots to create fake readers for you that aren’t even human. They will also have these bots appear to be generated from your IP address so when MuddyUm catches on, which always happens eventually, you will be the one penalized, banned for life, while the Matchmaker runs off with the money you paid them.

In addition to considering those members who ask me to become their Matchmaker, I also reach out to paying MuddyUm writers who appear to have the characteristics that would make them good matches. Once potential matches are found, they are double checked for activity and for their patterns of engagement with other writer’s stories.

I only work with those that have displayed the desire to participate in a tit for tat method of story engagement who actually have demonstrated the ability to do so in an effective way (i.e. in a manner that doesn’t actually appear to be fraudulent). This makes for the highest quality fake reader match pool possible.

I am the most sought out MuddyUm Matchmaker, averaging a 40 percent signup rate (on average, 40 percent of new paying medium members hire me to be their Matchmaker) with a 99 percent retention rate. This is well above industry averages for other Medium Matchmakers, who typically average between a 5 and 8 percent sign up rate and only a 35 to 40 percent retention rate.

I am also extremely experienced in working as a Matchmaker for those who write poetry on MuddyUm. If you write poetry but it is not your primary means of expression, I can find additional poetry matches for you, for one low price. I am also one of the few MuddyUm Matchmakers who help those who primarily write poetry. In fact, ninety nine percent of the poets using a matchmaker, have signed with me. No one can find you more ideal poetry matches.

With this special you will get your first month of matches for half price and are guaranteed 10 matches each subsequent month you work with me. Each match will provide you with 45 -50 hours of fake read time per month for a total of 450–500 hours which should translate to at least $1000 to $1200 a month in earnings. If for any reason you fail to earn at least that much, your money will be refunded for that month and I will match you with two extra fake readers the following month.

Instead of a bunch of writers who don’t spend enough time on your articles to earn you anymore than pennies, or who haven’t heard of the earnings algorithm change and are still clapping without even opening your stories, experience the benefits of having a talented matchmaker dedicated to your individual needs. All new clients who sign up by the end of the week will also receive a fee pound of specially crafted chocolate as a personal thank you. I look forward to becoming your new MuddyUm Matchmaker!

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