Earn per Annum On Flex

Flex Naira is a flexible feature that allows you to fund and withdraw for free at any time. Think of it as an alternative bank account that helps you budget and manage how you spend monthly. It functions not just as a flexible wallet, but one where interest on other savings and investment plans are paid. You now also earn a 10% interest per annum on your Flex Naira wallet.

How do I fund my Flex?
To fund your Flex, simply follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Piggyvest account

2. Link your BVN and generate a virtual account number

3. Do a bank transfer from your normal bank app, enter an amount (no limits) and select Providus as the destination bank.

4. Funds reflect instantly in your Flex once payment is successful.

How does the interest in Flex work?
You get 10% per annum paid at the beginning of the month as long as you don’t withdraw more than 4 times to your bank account. The interest is calculated every day and paid accordingly.

Can I fund other features using funds in my Flex?
Yes, you can also fund your Piggybank, Target or Safelock or Investify using funds in your Flex.

How can I use Flex?
Whether you are a business owner looking to accept payments from your customers for a sale or you are an event organizer looking to accept payments for your event tickets OR you just need to manage your spend for the month, flex makes it possible with so much ease.

How is Flex different from my bank account?
Withdraw and transfer to other Piggyvest users for FREE
No SMS or account maintenance fees.
You enjoy the benefits of compounding interest.

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