Shadows Threaten Plans for Proposed Tower
Shadows Threaten Plans for Proposed Tower

San Francisco’s Planning Department has finished their preliminary assessment of the plans to raze San Francisco’s aging Fire Station 13 at 530 Sansome Street, along with the two adjacent parcels at 425-445 Washington Street, and develop a 200-foot-tall, mixed-use tower upon the combined three-parcel site.

From the aforementioned assessment: “[Planning] has prepared a shadow fan that indicates the project may cast new shadow on the following Recreation and Park Department (RPD) properties: Sue Bierman Park, Maritime Plaza Park, Maritime Plaza, and Portsmouth Square, as well as the following private Open Spaces: Embarcadero Center Plazas; Sidney Walton Park; and Transamerica Redwood Park.”

And if a detailed analysis finds that the project would, in fact, cast new shadows on the aforementioned properties, “the sponsor should explore sculpting of portions of the Project to avoid casting new shadows on either the properties under the jurisdiction of the Recreation and Park Department or the aforementioned open spaces.”

Or as we, ahem, foreshadowed when the plans for the site were first drawn, “keep in mind that the development would likely cast some shadows on a number of nearby public parks and open spaces, as was the case for the previously proposed tower to rise on half the site, the significance of which will need to be assessed and could be disallowed and/or challenged by way San Francisco’s Sunlight Ordinance (a.k.a. Prop K).”

We’ll keep you posted and plugged-in.

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