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How To Save Money How To Save Money

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Seasonal shopping!

There are many different things that you may need to buy that are only available in specific seasons of the year. You can’t get these items unless it is the season for them. For instance shorts, sandals, sweat pants, Christmas trees, Halloween costumes, and other things.

These seasons are:





Then there are seasonal events and holidays you may need to buy for. There is usually an average of one holiday in each month of the year. These can include:

New year’s

Valentine’s Day

St Patrick’s Day


Mothers Day

Fathers Day

4th of July

Summer camping trips

Back to school shopping



Christmas/ Hanukkah/ Winter Solstice/ and any other holidays that you celebrate this month.

There are many times we find we have to shop for things at these specific times of the year. Like when you have old and broken things, or you have run out of a specific item. You may have some seasonal clothing that you have outgrown or that is ratty and tattered so they need to be replaced. For example:

At Christmas time you find that some of your decorations are in bad shape, or you used up all of your wrapping supplies (tape, paper, ribbons and bows).

Instead of waiting until the next year at the beginning of the season to get them. Go ahead and buy them after Christmas and before the new year. Everything will be marked down to 50–90% off. Then you can just pack them away and store them until you need them the following year. You save so much money this way.

The only exception to this rule is back to school sales. Every year in the middle of July, Stores begin to have sales on school supplies. They move all of these items to the seasonal department near the front of the store. During this time they mark all of the supplies down to really great prices to compete with other stores and get people to buy them. Just search all of the store ads to find the best prices.

There is no need to pay full price at the beginning of the season when at the end of the season they will mark everything down to get rid of it all. They do this so they can have the space to put out the merchandise for the next season or holiday that is coming up next. This includes your clothes shopping. Buy seasonal clothes towards the end of the season.


Sweatshirt and sweatpants , winter coats, gloves, hats, etc.—They begin to mark these things down to clearance prices at the end of winter near the beginning to middle of spring.

Always be sure to look for seasonal items to go on clearance towards the end of the season. This is the time to buy. You will save so much money when you do it this way. I never understood why anyone would want to pay the full retail price at the beginning of the season when they can save so much money towards the end when it all goes on sale?


Try doing it this way the next time you have the need to buy something that is only seasonal. Look at all of the money you have saved by doing it this way. Now I understand that sometimes you can not wait until the end of the season to buy something. But for the things that you can waite on, go ahead and waite till the end.

What can you do with the money you save by doing it this way? you can buy more of it and stock up. Or you can save it for going on a vacation or to buy more gifts or better gifts for those you love and need a gift for. Or maybe you could always donate the savings to charity. Pass it on to someone else in need.

Now go forth and save!

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