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Ways to Make Your Realtor Blog a Lead Generating

So maybe you’re thinking, “Should I start a realtor blog? Is it worth my time? Will it really generate leads?”

More and more real estate agents are starting blogs. If you are a realtor thinking of starting your own blog, I highly recommend this great article on interviewing the top five real estate bloggers. It shows why blogging is beneficial for realtors, and also offers a wealth of advice born out of real experience.

In this post I will reference that article and add some thoughts from a copy writing perspective.

Blogging is quite easy, at least from a technical standpoint. And it’s tempting to think the writing part will be equally easy. But, there are rules. And — apologies to my fellow rebels — we need to follow the rules if we want to win the game.

With that in mind, here are 7 tips on how to make your realtor blog successful.

  1. Create good content. This is the most obvious rule, but it’s the hardest one to follow. Because here’s the definition of good content. Are you ready? Good content is whatever your audience wants to read about. Who is your ideal customer? What do they want to read about? Once you know that, you can start writing.
  2. Be a wealth of information. Now that you know what to write about, it’s good to really explore the topic. Try to offer more information than the other guy. If your audience wants to know about farmyard animals, you should write about every animal in the yard, their weight, the sounds they make, their feeding habits, their favorite Netflix shows. You should use charts and graphics to compare farmyard beasts across the 50 states. Then, you should write an essay on George Orwell’s Animal Farm.
  3. Give them what they came for. Keywords are a necessary part of successful blogging and can even be a bit fun once you get used to them. But be careful. It’s important that whatever keyword you choose correlates directly to the content you are providing. For example, let’s say someone Googles “do cows watch Breaking Bad?” If you used the keyword cows-watch-breaking-bad, that person will find your post. But if the content of your post is about how chickens watch Better Call Saul, the searcher is going to feel misled. And not only will they click away in disgust, they will think of you as untrustworthy and you won’t get their business.
  4. Go on the defensive. Speaking of being misled, do you know anyone who is misleading your ideal customer? Ellen Pitts, of Harmony Realty in North Carolina, did a blog post on things that house hunters may not know about Zillow and Trulia — things that might hurt them. She protects her ideal customer with a defensive move against the competition. Which is cool, and smart.
  5. Hook with headlines. There are proven ways to hook clients with a headline. One way is to include a number in your headline. Listicle sites like exist because of this type of headline. When we see “8 Things Your Grandma Never Told You” or “32 Fish You Won’t Believe Exist” our brains start driving us mad with curiosity. What are those 8 things Grandma never told me? I have to know! The other type of hook is similar: ask a provocative question. “What did your Grandma keep secret all those years?” or “Is the thing in this photo just a weird fish or is it the world’s first real mermaid?”
  6. Utilize social media. The President of The United States tweets, and so can we. Most blog platforms have social media buttons built in, and for good reason. Repeating your content across social platforms equals more exposure, both to human eyes and Google bots. Check out this helpful article for great tips on how realtors can best use the various social platforms.
  7. Analyze! Data is fun for some people and not so much fun for others, but Google Analytics is a worthwhile source for anyone and everyone who has a blog. The metrics provided can tell you which blog posts are generating leads and which aren’t, which is gold. You’ll need to post A LOT, and you don’t want to be wasting time on articles that aren’t playing well with your audience.

Jeff Nelson, a realtor serving the Gulf Shores area of Alabama, and a top real estate blogger, had this to say about using Google Analytics:

“I’m a big fan of Google Analytics and I actually look at that each morning before I look at my email. It’s fun to watch your numbers grow and to see what is working and what’s not. If you play by the rules, your site will grow.”

Good luck building your realtor blog! Visit me for more tips on marketing and copy writing.

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