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Does It Really Matter How You Earn A Living —

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Nope! And here’s why…

Far too often I see people being judge by their occupation or whether they have a degree and are pursuing a career. This is wrong! I know plenty of arseholes in many different types of jobs. I’ve also met a lot of cool people that I would never had guessed what they do.

What do you do for a living? One of the default questions most of us use at a social meet and can’t think of anything better to ask. The same as when you’re travelling and you get asked almost immediately, where are you from? Like that makes a difference.

I dread being asked that question because I know the underlying response that I’ll receive. I’ve been referred to as a bum, unemployed, even a shirker at times. I just laugh as I’m about to board my next flight to another continent to get some travelling in. I don’t live my life the standard way, I work to live. My way of life defines me, not how I earn my cash to go play.

I’m 36 years old. My biggest source of income would probably be from the military. To this day I am still employed with the British military doing various jobs, this is not a full time job now though.

When I’m not working for the military my income has had a wide range of sources. Such as:

  • Motorcycle Tour Guide
  • Worked for a Tree Surgery Company
  • Wrote magazine articles on travel
  • Worked on a wild boar farm
  • Retail Arbitrage on Amazon
  • Re-seller on eBay
  • Sweeping chimneys

As you can see from the list, it’s varied and I like that. I have so much flexibility in my life, it’s great. I go on holiday when I feel like it. I’m not defined by my job title and really don’t care if someone judges me. I know far too many unhappy people pursuing a ‘career’ in something that they hate just because it sounds good to have that job title. You’re happiness is more a priority than how people judge you.

Screw those guys!

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