Smart Residential Project in India
Godrej Nurture E City — A residential project by Godrej

Nowadays people are mostly looking for a new house which should be for their own and the family. Buy a home is the most difficult one for the middle-class person, which the proper place and easy accessibility of transport. Regarding the house must be unique and well spacious for your family. People need their homes to be more unique and well equipped with the latest technology. Godrej Forest Grove is a well expert team of professionals who handle many projects of construction and house building works. The building design comes with more spacious and well placed on the heart of the city.

Features of homes and location

The building is design with various parts, and they are well-finished will furniture. The building is high developing with high class with needs things that are furnished with household things. The site consists of different blocks of it. Each block is separated with much spacious for the light and the air to form and move around it. With the sunlight fall on the block, more bright light to each floor. Each block consists surrounding with a green garden with a more cleaned environment. Each block consists of car parking for each level.

Services and facility

Godrej Forest Grove project is located in the principal place of the city where you can access public transport. The road is interconnecting with different types of the side they are connecting easily to access. The street is narrow connect with both entry and exit. Every corner of the site and blocks are secured security cameras. The camera is high definition and can be view both daylight and night vision. The security guards monitored 24/7 with the motion sensor for detecting unwanted or stranger to enter. The high raises wall is built with stronger concrete to withstand all kinds of’ natural disasters.

The electricity post is placed to avoid the unwanted of entire from outside without permission. The building blocks are built with a unique type of proper airflow, and they are building with stronger concrete to withstand natural calamities.

The garden consists of a tall tree with herbal plants to get pure air for everyone. The surrounding with a dedicated sports club room with massive spacious for both outdoor and indoor games to play and get entertain of it. All parking areas well built and give much space for each vehicle to be parked.

Interior and exterior design

The club houses with required equipment which is developed with many individuals in providing the proper. Developer offers the most places with satisfying customer Mamurdi Pune. The builder is the most promising & well design building in the past decade with high tech in it. The building is the highest design with modern technology. The plot comes with 24hrs of electricity & water services.

Godrej Forest Grove Project Video:-

They provide the technologies of the latest with the structure are concrete on it. The room is building much spacious and with more room on it. The rooms are well finished with more furniture of different types of interior design. Both internal and exterior are built well and highly modified according to the process of it.

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