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Emotional Debt — The bill you didn’t know you had

In two weeks, I figured it out. I documented the journey

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Stick with me here, I’ll make this as short as possible.

I found Medium’s one fundamental flaw. They’ve got all their eggs in one basket, top writers. And those writers are bound by the subscription model, so long as they want to continue making an income on Medium.

I explain how new writers will never make livable income on Medium, and show how Medium is giving all the subscription money to top writers. The reason why, is because it helps them get to the New York Times style digital subscription service they seemingly want to offer.

Now I’ve done a pretty good job at hacking away at Medium’s system to understand this. I also wrote, weeks ago, a post on how writers have an opportunity to profit under the top writers.

Now while I was right about top writers loosing their bag of tricks, I was wrong about being thankful. Smaller writers lost heavily as well, shown here.

The community of writers is being alienated because of the subscription model and yet, we haven’t figured this out yet. I wrote in Hack and crack it, baby girl 5 simple things that were going to be my opportunities to grow on Medium. One of them was how my FREE articles get searched on Google. PAID articles do not.

Sure, there are 100 million people on Medium, and there are 3 billion online Googling stuff. So if you don’t want to fight against the top writers and have an opportunity to grow beyond their measly 25k followers, maybe you should do this instead:

I’m making every one of my stories free.

Why fight for $12.00 a month when I know that 90% of writers make under $100 a month. I want to be in the top ten, not the bottom 90. Even top writers like Shaunta Grimes are starting to admit how gamed and difficult the system is.

It has made me understand what it takes to actually show up to work, even on days when the readers aren’t there. (The stats screenshot above represents about three days, where Medium didn’t curate my posts. How rude of them!) — Shaunta

So listen, she made a whopping $17.55. She is twice as good as I am. Twice as experienced. Yet I’ve been here for two weeks and can still hold anything of a candle stick to her? I suspect this is because writing is writing, but she happens to be IN the system while I’m still not. I don’t get the benefits of having Medium loving cuddle and embrace, or past success in readership to follow me around.

But here is the whole thing, even Shaunta knows this. In her curated story in “Better Marketing” she admits that “Followers Matter”.

Yes, like the ones you brought with you. And the ones smaller writers should be looking to get. So Shaunta is super smart and executed on what I’m saying right now.

  1. She gained readers somewhere else
  2. She saw opportunity to make money on Medium. (They likely reached out to her and have been supporting her ever since as payment for sticking to the model and bringing her readers)
  3. Her readers followed because she prioritized, and profited.

So this is why I’m making my stories free on Medium. This is why I’ll have 500 articles showing up on Twitter and Google searches. And this is how I grow my REACH, so when the next opportunity pops up, I can move around and take advantage too.

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