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Did You Know Million Adults In The UK Lack

Can You Answer These Maths Questions?

Firstly, can I ask,

“Have you ever heard anyone boast or brag that they are rubbish at reading or writing?”

Well, in the whole of my lifetime, I have never heard someone say,

‘No, sorry I’m rubbish at reading and writing’.

“Have you ever heard anyone boast or brag that they are rubbish at maths?”

Maybe when you have been in a restaurant with a group of friends and you have decided to share the bill, you may have heard someone say, ‘You sort the bill, I’m rubbish at maths!’

I find it fascinating why it is socially acceptable to boast and brag that you are useless or rubbish at maths but not English?

Who have you heard say it?

A friend?


Maybe your own child?

Hearing your own child say…

‘I hate maths’

‘I can’t do it’

‘I don’t understand it’

…can be heart breaking to a parent.

These are the last words you want to hear come from your child.

For a confident parent in maths, it can sometimes be difficult to understand why your own child struggles.

As a parent who lacks confidence in maths, you maybe thinking that you’re not sure if you can help with your child’s maths and may feel powerless to know how to help.

But I am thrilled to tell you:

This is my mission to let everyone know and prove,

“Everyone can do maths,

It is the way you are taught”

In 2017 a report from Adult Numeracy and financial capability showed over 18 million adults in the UK lack the number skills to manage their money well.

Examples of questions in the research that many people struggled with:

Susie is paid £9.00 an hour. She gets a 5% pay income. What is her new pay per hour?

If the inflation rate is 5% and the interest rate you get on your savings is 3%, will your savings have more, less or the same amount of buying power in a year’s time?

Suppose you put £100 into a savings account with a guaranteed interest rate of 2% a year. You don’t make any further payments into this account and you don’t withdraw any money. How much would be in the account at the end of the first year, once the interest rate has been paid?

If you are a parent who is worried about their maths, come and join us on the Parent Quest and realise your potential.

The Parent Quest is where all the magic takes place.

To be great at maths you need to understand the 10 Secret Maths Principles.

Once you fully understand each one, you can marvel at the way they weave and blend together, making maths questions seemingly quite complex, but once stripped down are purely the combinations of the Secret Principles.

By the end of the Parent Quest, you will be asking yourself, why don’t all schools teach this way?

Well, that is an excellent question — why don’t they?

Well there are three main reasons why this is the case.

FIRSTLY, schools are dictated a curriculum by the Government. The Government tells the schools what maths to teach and not teach. Interestingly enough the 10 principles are embedded throughout the National Curriculum but most teachers don’t even know they are there and that’s why I call them the 10 SECRET Principles.

SECONDLY, textbooks, worldwide famous online maths companies and schools, do not teach through a principled approach.

They often teach through tricks.

For a child to pass their GCSE maths exam they will have been exposed to hundreds if not thousands of tricks.

However, once you understand the 10 SECRET Principles your child will no longer need to remember tricks because GradeBusters only teaches through understanding, NEVER by a trick!

THIRDLY, teachers and parents tend to teach the way they were taught by their teachers and therefore perpetuate the tricks. These tricks and techniques they were given, would be taught without the students truly understanding the maths and the cycle continues.

Let me give you an example:

You may have been taught ‘criss cross smiley face, BIDMAS or BODMAS, along the corridor up the stairs.’

But where is the mathematical understanding?

At GradeBusters we never teach through tricks, always thorough understanding.

Once you truly understand these 10 principles you can pass your maths GCSE exam.

If you want me to teach each principle to you, then come and join me on the Parent Quest.

Remember, your child deserves an ‘Education without Limits, everyone at GradeBusters believes it is everyone’s birthright.

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