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How to Win at Business Peter Lorimer

I have practiced this theory in business for the past 25 years: always treat your clients as you would your own family. And on top of that, know your strengths and weaknesses and your unique value proposition. This is the key to unlocking loads of business and, above all else, being the true authentic you that people know and love. Once you do that, your business will explode.

But, how?

Well, the number one thing is realizing that you’ve already won.

There are some fundamentals that I do every day that help me realize I’ve already won. I’m not from America, I moved here 25 years ago. American blood runs through my veins. I have sensibilities from both countries. I absolutely love the United States. Sure, it’s not perfect, nowhere is — but I have such a deep passion for this country.

But every day I wake up and I’m in my lovely little house. I wake up with my lovely wife, my three children who are well fed, well clothed, and will go to a great school. I start the day with gratitude.

And that’s how I do it. It’s about starting the day with gratitude.

Those of us who wake up in the United States of America, and there are definitely varying levels here, but for the most part, when we wake up in the United States, we’ve already won. If you’re an entrepreneur, there are tools in this country that help you reach your goals.

When I wake up with the attitude of, “Shit, I already won,” I’m able to focus on what I can contribute to my agents, clients, and people in my life.


I grew up in Northern England, which is a tough area to grow up in. I had the attitude of trying to suck out of life what was mine. But after being married to a Buddhist for so long, I now have the attitude of what can I put back in.

You will be fucking mind blown of how that propels our business. Because when you fill a room with positivity and sincerity, it’s fricking contagious. Contrarily, if you fill a room with negativity and darkness, that is equally contagious. Except negativity sticks. We all have those friends that we love, but they’re downright negative — and it gets wearing.

If we exude positivity, it attracts business to us. And if we do that based upon the fact that we already won — everything we achieve in our day is a bonus. I’m not saying we sit back and read the paper and watch the game. I’m saying that we launch into life and launch into our day with hopes and ambition but without expectation. Because expectations lead to regret, and regret leads to negativity.

A lot of agents that I run into tell me they’re too old to wrap their heads around things like Photoshop, social media, and all of the wonderful tools at our disposal.

A Lesson From Donkey Kong

I’m going to give you an example. I remember playing Donkey Kong, level one, and thinking to myself — there’s no freaking way I’m going to figure out how to get to the next level. I sat my ass in front of the computer and was determined to learn the game. I learned how to get to the next level, and that to me is a life lesson. It’s never too late. This is my second career. I know my way around technology and social media pretty well.

I changed careers at 37 and started from ground zero. It’s never too late to adopt these techniques. Let’s talk about technology vs. streetwise. Technology can never be mistaken for being streetwise. They are two different things, yet they’re related.

Technology and Streetwise

Many agents don’t even care about technology. But who cares? Not the clients. People care about being streetwise. And that means socially wise. It’s the ebb and flow of what people are reacting to. You’ll never find it in a book. You’ll find it in YouTube, vlogs, and articles.

And that’s my old music business mentality of when I used to make dance records. I had to hone my streetwise skills, forecasting what was going to be popular in a few months. Technology, when harnessed by a streetwise mentality, is the secret. It’s the most powerful elixir of all. And that’s something I have adopted and PLG as a company has adopted.

Because who cares about technology if no one knows how to use it. Blending a streetwise mentality, sniffing out how to service our clients, friends, and family, and coupling it with technology is the most powerful elixir.

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