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Are you thinking about selling your property in the state of Victoria? Check out Remax Vancouver guide here and get the process right every time. In the huge strategy of facets, the Victorian property market is extremely strong. High demand from both buyers and vendors means that you need to understand the process intimately to ensure you make the most of the market. So what do you want to understand about buying property in Victoria?

Choosing an Agent

A good real estate Victoria bc agent is the starting point for making an excellent property sale in Victoria. They have to act in your best interests, follow your directives and always engage in best practice by law, so you have to ask a few more questions to ensure you find the best fit for your needs. The company has experienced real estate agents right across Victoria real estate board who will be able to help you through the sales process. To make sure you are choosing the right agent when you meet with them, you should check:

● Their licensing and authority

● Their commission and fees as well as how they will be charged

● Exactly what services you will get for these fees

● How they will market and sell your property and if they have a track record of success with these methods

● Any extra marketing costs

● Their deals past and proficiency of the local region, in terms of community and price

● How much-related residences are buying for in the area

● What they think your home will sell for — make sure they are not over quoting the price (saying it is higher than it really is) just to get your business, as this is illegal.

If you are satisfied with these responses, then you will sign a sales authority with them. This is a legally binding contract which will include the following details about your MLS Victoria property sale:

The method of sale

● Commission and fees, with GST also detailed

● What the agency thinks the estate will sell for

● The amount of time the agent has to sell the home

● When the commission is payable and any details on whether it will be shared between agents or agencies

● Any rebates on advertising expenses

● An announcement clarifying your capability to argue to Consumer Affairs Victoria should anything go wrong

● Alliance Victoria has offices right across Victoria and can help you understand the ins and outs of choosing a real estate agent should you need any further help.

Ways to Selling Property

One of the largest walks for buying property in Victoria is choosing how you will do. Alliance Victoria’s real estate agents are well-versed in each and every method of sale and can help you understand each of the following processes.

The different ways of selling Victorian property are:

Private treaty:

This is when you, the homeowner, set the price tag you want to put on the property for sale. Your real property broker will then negotiate with each and every interested party, trying to find a willing buyer who will meet your nominated price, or as close to it as possible.


Auctions are public sales, which are operated and managed by an appointed auctioneer. A budget rate will be set, which is the minimum you want the property to sell for. Prospective buyers make bids during the auction on a specific date and the highest bidder above the reserve signs the contract for the property.

Setting a practical budget rate is important — and something your real estate agent can provide valuable advice on.


The sale by the tender process is one where buyers make offers and include a deposit — normally 5 or 10 percent of the sale price. You and your agent can then take your time to review these and reject or accept them, depending on where they fall in your expectations.

Marketing the Property in Victoria

As an outstanding estate market, peddling real estate in Victoria means getting your advertising absolutely right so you can maximise the number of prospective buyers that express their interest. Also, remark that the advertised price of your residence must not be less than either the auction’s reserve price or the agent’s estimated selling price. There are two major techniques of commerce Victorian property for sale:

Print media:

The Herald-Sun is the main newspaper for Melbourne and Victoria, with a Monday to Friday readership of 1.2 million and one million people reading it on Saturdays alone. This kind of exposure means print advertising for your property cannot be overlooked. Seek out papers and newsletters with local circulation as well — your Alliance Victoria agent will be able to contact these publications.

Online media:

In addition to newspaper advertising, going online can be very beneficial for advertising Victorian property for sale., and each have significant viewer numbers and can be an ideal place to start.

Using professionals to capture photo and even video of your home can add significant interest and value to your marketing.

Contracts of the sale in Victoria:

The contract of sale is one of the most important documents in the selling process. This is the document both you and the buyer sign at the end of the process, but people interested in your home will also use it when making an offer. It contains all of the important details about your property, including the following:

● Address and specifics of the property

● Your personal details and those of the prospective buyer

● Information about your real estate agent, solicitor and/or conveyancer

● How much the property is priced at and the value of a deposit

● Balance owing

● Any special conditions you or the buyer want to include in the contract, such as allowances for home loan approval

● Taxes, council rates, improvements and easements associated with the property.

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