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Why You May Want to Ditch the Dorms for Off Campus

There isn’t any college or university student who wouldn’t want affordable student housing. To find just that, many students have now started showing interest in off-campus student apartments. Bloomsburg, in particular, has seen many students in the city shifting to off-campus student housing. This can be seen especially in the apartments near Bloomsburg University which are dominated by students that have chosen to live in off-campus student apartments.

More and more students are now living off-campus; the number is higher than ever before. One of the main reasons for that is the independence that many students experience for the first time as they step into college. Living off-campus allows them to explore that independence. But that’s not it; off-campus housing for students is much more than just the celebration of independence. The off-campus student apartments have so many advantages that it is difficult not to consider it. However, finding off-campus housing solutions for students can be quite a task. Why? Well, that would be because of the many off-campus students housing options that are now increasingly becoming popular.

Why you may want to live in an off-campus housing setup

There are many colleges and universities that require freshmen to stay at the on-campus dorms. However, by year-end, many students earnestly start seeking off-campus student housing solutions for multiple reasons. Some of the reasons why students wish to move out from on-campus dormitories to off-campus student accommodations are:

Dormitories are often too loud

With so many students staying under one roof, it is obvious that a student not used to the ruckus is going to have a hard time adjusting to such an environment. Finding time for the self seems like a luxury most can’t afford in dormitories. Moreover, it is practically impossible to be able to study without any distractions.

The struggle for space is real

Sharing a room isn’t always comfortable, let alone sharing a tiny room! Having to share a tiny room with a few friends is tough enough, add to that communal showers and bathrooms for students of the entire floor, and you’ve got yourself an awkward and downright frustrating situation to face, that too daily!

Bound by many rules

There is no question over the need for having rules in a dormitory. Rules need to be exercised when hundreds of students share a common space. While it is true that these rules are only implemented on college campuses for the promotion of safety, learning, and health, these responsibilities aren’t something that the students living in off-campus housing solutions are bound by.

Meal plans are a non-negotiable expense

Dorm rooms do not come with kitchens. This doesn’t sound as big as a problem that it is in actuality. Due to the lack of kitchens in dorm rooms, most colleges and universities require all of their on-campus students to pay for a meal plan, which regardless of whether they use or not, they have to pay for. What’s more is that an average cost for just 20 meals a week in all institutions has increased by 44 per cent in the past decade. The statistics have been provided by the National Centre for Education Statistics.

Problems with roommates

It is rare that a student ever gets to choose their roommate. It is no surprise that conflicting personalities lead to several disagreements. This isn’t something a student would want to surround themselves with, especially during the time of examinations.

Off-campus student housing is a boon in many ways. If you are to begin your college soon, you might want to start acquainting yourself with the off-campus student housing solutions near your college or university.

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